Major World Events, Increased Petrochemical Production Generating Demand in Industrial Gases Market in GCC

The GCC industrial gases market has been witnessing a massive surge in demand. The applications of industrial gases have grown over the last decade in the GCC region as an increasing number of non-petrochemical industries such welding, refining, pulp and paper, and automotive have come up to boost the economy and reduce the dependency of the region on oil exports. Hence, the GCC industrial gases market is expected to value US$1.2 bn by 2022, rising from US$783.7 mn in 2015. The GCC industrial gases market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% by revenue in the forecast period of 2016 up to 2022.

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World Of Welding Offers More Than Combing And Less Than Striving

Reconstructing the world, extending subways, building bridges and contributing towards environment by manufacturing devices that enable end-users control pollution through application of various control devices. Welding technology finds unlimited application in various domains and is an imperative part of business. While there are various techniques applicable to manufacture products in safer, easier, and relatively cost-effective way, however end-users mainly prefer application of welding technology. Process of welding is conducted by various companies from industries such as fabrication, automation, transportation and other sectors. Welding technology is witnessing an increasing adoption and comprise techniques such as resistance welding, oxy-fuel welding, welding and laser welding.

Process of welding is conducted in innumerable ways, owing to nature of application in various domains. Application of welding technology, at times generate sparks during the procedure or exude excessive heat. However, the process of welding is conducted through application of various energy sources such as electric resistance, electric arcs, electron beams, gas flames, ultrasound and molten metal baths.

Application Of Equipment

Welding technology finds application in manufacturing a range of products such as space vehicles, oil drilling rigs to various kinds of automobiles and space vehicles. However, application of welding technology is not limited to combining components of metals and manufacturing products and extends to operations of various domains.

Welding group is mainly employed in various industries to manufacture a range of products from domains such as agriculture, construction and mining industry. Products from these domains mainly comprise bulldozers, cranes, food-processing machinery, material handling equipment, paper making equipment, printing equipment, textile and office machinery equipment.

Welding in fabricated metals industry include pressure vessels, heat exchanger, tanks, sheet metals, prefabricated metal buildings such as architectural and metal work. Welding equipment further find application in manufacture of other products such as shipbuilding, aircrafts, spacecraft and railroads, automobiles, trucks, buses, trailers, and other commutation facilities.

Repair And Management Team

Moreover, another major factor driving demand for welding equipment in the market is through application of welding technology by various repair teams. Welding equipment mainly finds application in operations or work related to mining activities, drilling, extracting oil, gas or mining of stones, ores, sand and gravel. Furthermore, various welding equipment finds application in operations related to primary metal industry, which include steel mills, iron and steel foundries, smelting and refining plants.

Welding equipment further finds application in manufacture of electric generator, battery chargers and various other household appliances. Moreover, apart from operations related to repairing, welding equipment also find application in maintaining products and its quality, which is could deteriorate with time. Various other operations wherein welding equipment finds application include agricultural, dealership and equipment, metal service centers and shipyards are another unit of domains where welding technology finds application.

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One does not require a training session but precaution while conducting an operation with welding equipment. Welding equipment are used by various traders, manufacturers, iron-workers, carpenters, sheet-metal makers and others. For application of welding equipment, they do not need training, but a list of precaution. Moreover, ever developing technology have enabled various manufacturers to offer advanced products, which are convenient to use such as metallic glue. While various products can be combined together through application of polymer glue, however various end-users prefer application of metallic glue by pressing lightly post application of glue. Application of welding equipment are not just bound to application of combining metals, however maintaining and repairing various products offered by various domains.

Unfamed Protective Tools From Disasters

The ever developing technology is propelling progress in various countries in terms of industrialization, and urbanization, which has led to construction of better infrastructure, mining explorations and various excavation activities. Excavation activities are mainly carried by various units or groups appointed by government and various companies, which destructs surface of the earth and result in dangerous tunnels and pits, which could lead to unprecedented incidents. Owing to factors such as disasters, infrastructure projects, mining exploration, and excavation activities, various equipment and tools related to piling sheet, anchoring equipment and trenching find application. Owing to various places prone to natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, tsunamis and others, anchoring, piling sheet, and trenching shores equipment further find application.

Application Of Tools And Equipment

Construction of pivotal structures such as bridges, roads, underground pathways and tunnels are a few factors owing to which various equipment related to piling sheet, anchoring equipment and trenching shores find application. During such constructions, if pivotal structures are not constructed properly, these structures might not be strong and could be hazardous to their lives. Therefore, application of these equipment and techniques could help keep unprecedented events at bay during such constructions or operations.

Moreover, owing to various weather conditions and natural disasters, some roads are blocked, while some face destruction, these tools play a significant role in order to make them functional. Another factor that adds to the list for applications of these tools is owing to places prone to such natural disasters, which could be dangerous for passengers and people crossing that place. At times, these tools find application in piling sheets where water bodies are expected to cross safe limits and create flood like situations. In addition, these tools find application in operations and tasks such as construction of various buildings, roads or any other infrastructure.

Types Of Tools

For various activities or operations such as earth retention and excavation support technique that enable end user to retain soil with steel sheet sections and interlocking edges, tools related to piling sheets equipment such as hydraulic piling vibrators, piling ancillaries, pile croppers, and culvert pullers find application. These piling sheets are installed in a sequential order to design depth in planned excavation perimeter or aligned along seawater.

Other types of equipment such as anchoring equipment comprise drill hollow bar anchor, strand anchor, helical anchor, threadbar anchor and various others. These equipment are categorized in various types and find application in ships and construction work owing to their attributes. While there are various techniques through which such tasks can be performed, however, anchor tools and equipment find increasing application in such tasks owing to their attributes.

For instance, Drill hollow bars anchors find application in activities that require drilling holes and pits for construction of buildings, pivotal structure, underground constructions, mining explorations or any other excavation activities. Another tool known as helical piles and anchors mainly find application in installing depth limited only by soil density for the purposes of construction and other such activities. This device is mainly one pitch of a crew head that helps in applications of digging to an extended depth. Furthermore, another factor owing to which helical piles find increasing application is owing to various kinds of spoil that needs to be drilled, which depends on hard or soft soil on the target surface to be drilled. However, owing to application of helical anchors, the hard soil is dug easily.

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Furthermore, trench shoring equipment offer another range of tools, which are finding increasing applications in various tasks owing to post construction activities, excavation activities, after-effects of natural disasters or any disaster-prone places, which could be an obstruction to other people. Trenches are mainly a long and narrow ditch, which could be the result of various activities related to construction, extractions and industrial tasks, owing to which places surrounding the operating location could be subject to dangerous obstruction for many people crossing that place. Owing to such factors, trench shoring tools and equipment find application to support trenches by application of trench boxes and other tools, which help strengthen or create strong walls around such long narrow ditches to enable easy commuting and keep any unprecedented event at bay.

Glycerin Is The Real King In The Market, No One Could Beat

If you are stuck with car heating up, drop some engine-coolant glycerin in engine and it will be ready to go. While glycerin has not been a topic of discussion, however this compound has a supportive element in manufacture of various products from centuries. Much ado regarding application of glycerin is in movies we watch. Glycerin makes us frown and smile at the same time. Movies are a journey of emotions that customer experiences while watching, and if emotions irrespective of dialog are not delivered properly, they can be a tragic failure. However, glycerin has been a rescue umbrella for various actors enacting various characters. Various actors use glycerin to express emotions to effect, such as sadness, depression through crying and tears.

Applications Of Glycerin

Application of glycerin does not end or limit to movies, they find application in other industries related to food, drugs, paper, automobiles, textile and various others. Owing to its attributes, glycerin is categorized into edible glycerin, synthetic glycerin, natural glycerin and animal glycerin. Irrespective of product type, glycerin accompanies production of various products in every way possible. Glycerin is unsparingly used in various body care products to offer fine quality of their products to customers. Dairy products such as milk, whey products, clotted cream, cheese, yogurt, and powdered milk or cream are a few potential sources of glycerin to be mentioned. However, various fruits and vegetables such as dried vegetable, canned vegetable, processed fruit and precooked vegetable are not a potential source of glycerin.

Furthermore, glycerin finds applications in various drugs such as cough syrups, which gives relief to children or patients, who are victims of cold and cough.  It is used as a levigating agent for drugs, which are primarily used to decrease particle size of these drugs. Glycerin is also used as component that enables customers in maintaining quality of a product and helps in freezing them for future. However, it also acts as an anti-freezer in many cases. Glycerin, further finds application in biodiesel fuel production and functions as an engine-coolant component in various automobiles.

Apart from this, glycerin finds applications in products such as toothpastes, shaving cream and other body care products, as it makes the paste smooth and applicable evenly. Glycerin is further known for its anti-aging attributes, therefore are used more in such body care products. It helps customers maintain a healthy look and feel in skin, and protects against dryness of skin.

Types And Benefits

Various types of glycerin comprise edible glycerin, synthetic glycerin, natural glycerin and animal glycerin. Edible glycerin comprise of glycerin extracted from vegetables, fruits and animals. Vegetable-based glycerin mainly find application in various food products as a humectant, thickener, solvent, and such other attributes. Sweet taste, slippery and viscous feel are a few attributes of glycerin, owing to which this compound finds application in various products accordingly.

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Some benefits of glycerin is that it enhances product quality and makes product component smooth and thin. Glycerin, being a sugar alcohol component helps customers lose weight on consumption, further application of component on skin, enhances skin, nourishes, replenishes and restores the skin tone. Some disadvantages of disregarding glycerin in various body care products could leave the customer’s hair feeling sticky. Another factor that could adversely affect consumer on application is owing to improper proportion of glycerin component in various product. So, before picking up a product, ensure ingredients comprise glycerin to fetch for their benefits.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – Symptoms that Women Must Know!

Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common hormonal and metabolic health conditions observed among women across the world. The term ‘polycystic’ indicates a condition wherein multiple cysts are formed near the ovarian surface, whereas the term ‘syndrome’ defines a set of symptoms which make occur differently in each woman with PCOC, rather than the term ‘disease or disorder.’ The incidences of PCOC are growing and the need for effective treatment against it is repeatedly highlighted.

Normally, each female secretes a certain amount of androgen – a male hormone; however, women with PCOS tend to have elevated levels of androgen secretion than those in normal women. Excess secretion of androgen eventually results in distorted balance between the female hormones – progesterone and estrogen. Another hormonal imbalance consequence includes altered ability of insulin utilization to regulate the blood sugar level.

PCOS inflicts women from 15 years of age to those in their 50s. Although the symptoms start developing right after the menarche, they may not be noticeable until the late teenage or early adulthood. In many cases, women in their reproductive age are completely unaware of that fact that they are already suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. The symptoms may be mild or severe, and are often ignored when mild and sporadic. This is however the point when women must keep a check on their body’s signals in order to prevent worsening of the condition throughout their reproductive age.

Irregularity in Menstruation

This is the most common and prominent symptom that suggests that a woman might be suffering from PCOS. Some cases also record absence of menstrual periods for longer than three months. While the normal menstrual cycle is of 28 days, affected women may have a cycle of 35 or more days; to be precise – less than eight cycles a year. Heavy bleeding and pelvic pain may also indicate a possibility of having PCOS.

Substantial Weight Gain

Studies indicate that nearly 50% of PCOS-affected women are overweight and obese. Women who often struggle maintaining healthy weight may be suffering from PCOS. Moreover, it has been proven that the PCOS symptoms may worsen due to obesity and substantial weight gain.


This is a symptom that women discover only when they plan to conceive but cannot. The primary causes of infertility include the key symptoms of PCOS, including menstruation problems, absence of ovulation, or irregular ovulation.

Frequent Fatigue

As PCOS in many women may come along with sleep-related disorders, such as sleep apnea and insomnia, patients many feel a low energy level all through the day, yet find it difficult to sleep at night. Frequent fatigue while performing routine chores is a prominent symptom of PCOS.


It is a medical term for excessive hair growth on facial skin, back, chest, and buttocks, due to higher levels of androgen secretion. In addition, there might be a few skin and hair related problems, such as chronic acne, thinning of scalp hair, and even baldness.

Although the primary cause of the hormonal imbalance responsible for PCOS has not been discovered, a number of researchers believe that it might be linked back to genetics. Efforts are being taken to explore a complete cure for the syndrome but the market has a range of treatment options, which can manage or eliminate the underlying symptoms of the syndrome.

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Summary: Polycystic ovary syndrome incidences increase in number worldwide. Women must know the most common symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Piling Machines: An Underpinning Construction Tool

In the world of construction, having the right tool is the most important thing. The growth of the construction sector in various countries in light of population growth, and infrastructure development initiatives by government and urbanization is likely to endorse the foundation activity. Growing wind farms are expected to enhance the industry growth.

Piling machines are used in several projects related to infrastructure like highways, tunnels, railways, bridges etc. is a kind of foundation tool. These machines usually drive piles into the soil for providing support to structures and buildings. As these days various techniques are winning popularity, one such technique of composite piling of cement and soil is getting recognition. Pile driver use to be one the most impressive tool used in early days.

In recent years, the piling machine with extruding arms have great loading capacity has found wider application in civil engineering construction. Though, in the development of piling machine products, analysis on soil mechanic is a key component but if there is any kind of complexity then it becomes difficult to identify the constraints in the design. In order to simulate the actual working condition of machines to be designed, automatic dynamic analysis of mechanical system can be done on the basis of virtual prototyping technology. As this process reduces the product development cycle accordingly with the results of simulation by providing suitable modifications to the virtual prototype.

Major Market Drivers and Restraints

The factors that will propel the growth of industry include growing usage of product in commercial structures, solar power plants, manufacturing facilities, power transmission plants, wind farms, drilling platforms, mining bases, and residential premises. Moreover, social infrastructure, rapid expansion in transport, government accommodation, schools, water, defense infrastructure, energy, and natural resources, and hospitals will build huge market potential.

In emerging economies like India and China rising plea for residential as well as commercial buildings with high disposable income will definitely fuel the demand for more number of piling machines. While in North America, growing activities related to tight oil exploration and non-conventional shale gas is drive the demand and market growth of piling machines. Moreover, rise in number of power generation projects through solar and wind energy will also boost the need for foundation work.

However, rising issues related to noise and air pollution during piling machine operations that results in strict regulatory policies regarding the same is restraining the market growth of piling machine.

Market Dynamics

The global market of piling machine is segmented based on the product type into hydraulic hammer, hydraulic press-in, vibratory pile driver, diesel hammer, piling rig, and vertical travel lead systems. On the basis of regions, it is segmented into Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Asia Pacific region is anticipated to the dominant the global market of piling machine and is primarily attributed to budding urbanization that results in a quick expansion of residential areas of urban as well as semi-urban sectors are driving infrastructure projects in India and China.

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 Key Players in the Market

Major players in the global market of piling machine that focus on constructing innovative economical products and energy-efficient to stay competitive and to boost sales in emerging markets are  Soilmec S.p.A, Casagrande S.p.A., Bauer Group, BSP International Foundations, International Construction Equipment, Liebherr Group, DELMAG GmbH & Co. KG, Changsha Tianwei Engineering Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Junttan Oy, and MAIT S.p.A.