PMR Analyst Says: UV LED Disinfection is the Trend of the Decade in the Global UV Disinfection Market

New York:  The global ultra-violet (UV) disinfection equipment market is poised to soar to US$2.5 billion by the end of 2019 from its market value of US$993.4 million in 2012, finds a report by Persistence Market Research. Disinfection is a process that limits the spread of disease-causing organisms such as virus, protozoa, fungus and bacterium. As conventional disinfection methods are rapidly becoming outdated and the many advantages of ultraviolet disinfection become evident, there is an uptick in the demand for devices used in UV disinfection.

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UV disinfection can be seamlessly applied in a number of industries such as food and beverages, electronic equipment, water, healthcare facilities, and clean room environments. The three main types of UV lamps used for disinfection applications are: UVA, UVB, and UVC, each possessing different wavelengths.

Given its healthy growth rates, the UV disinfection market has also become a fertile ground for innovation and new product launches. UV light emitting diode (LED) disinfection is one such technology that is making rapid headway on account of the several advantages it carries. The technology gained a foothold in the commercial market in 2012, after which it began to exhibit a strong rate of growth.

Here’s why UV LED disinfection will be the disinfection technology to watch out for:

  • Cost competitive: On an average, a conventionally-used UV lamp can bill up to US$4,562 per annum. A UV LED-based disinfection system is remarkably cost effective in comparison, as its operational costs amount to only about US$279 a year. This clear advantage has worked in favor of the UV LED disinfection systems market, leading to a high growth for related UV disinfection equipment.
  • Efficiency is key: Another leading advantage that UV LED disinfection systems have over traditional mercury lamps, for instance, is that they do not heat and are suited for disinfection applications that are highly sensitive to heat. Besides being efficient, UV LED disinfection systems are also decidedly more robust than other comparable disinfection systems. The amount of electricity required to power UV LED disinfection systems is low as well, making them exceptionally efficient.
  • Safety matters: UV LED disinfection systems are catching on because they are free of undesirable offshoots. The presence of mercury lamps in certain conventionally used systems was a reason for concern among environmentalists and health experts. Moreover, from the health perspective, ultraviolet LED disinfection systems are known to inactivate a number of spores, cysts and viruses.

Going ahead, innovation will be a prerequisite for success in the global UV disinfection equipment market, especially in booming industries such as healthcare and chemicals. This, coupled with the many new regulatory directives, will make the UV disinfection equipment market a space to watch closely.


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