UHT Milk Market: Increasingly Turning Into a Versatile and an Affordable Option for China and Other Asia-Pacific Regions

The popularity of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk market is increasing as a number of people are choosing milk with a longer shelf life. This milk can be stored for a longer time, to be consumed as and when required. Milk is a critical ingredient of daily diet that contributes greatly towards nutrition. This dairy product is an important part of dietary regimen, especially for children across the world.

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Major Reasons Influencing Consumption of UHT Milk amongst Asians

The advent of UHT treatment of milk has introduced new dimensions to the marketing of liquid milk in developed as well as emerging regions of the world. One of the distinctive features of UHT processed milk is its long shelf life at room temperature.

Let’s also take a look at some additional factors bolstering high demand for UHT milk, specifically in Asia-Pacific regions.

#1 Demand Springs from Remote Areas

Most of the rural regions in APAC regions are constantly facing a new trend of growing apartment culture that is often coupled with lack of refrigeration space or any alternative for cold chain infrastructure. However, remote and emerging regions are majorly involved in the milk production and consumption. Fresh milk production typically requires refrigeration to prevent it from being spoiled, but UHT milk can prove to be the best alterative of preservation in such instances. Countries such as India and China lack chill chains and are thus the largest consumers of UHT milk across the globe.

#2 Switch from Pasteurized Milk to UHT Milk for Cheaper Price

Asian consumers increasingly prefer UHT milk over pasteurized milk due to difference in price. Also, weak global economic conditions act as another factor driving the consumption of UHT milk in various regions of Asia-Pacific. Several companies dealing in milk supply and distribution in the global market are engaged in price wars due to influx of supply. As the region faces economic downturn, Asians are more or less willing to compromise on the quality of the ingredient for price. This in turn is boosting the market share of private labels too. All such factors are expected to instill healthy growth opportunities for the UHT milk market in Asia-Pacific in the next four years.

#3 Shifting Consumer Habits

Increasing influence of western culture has also driven the demand for UHT milk in this region. The constantly changing habits of consumers in favor of ready or packaged food and beverage products are increasing the consumption of UHT milk in this region. In Asia, UHT milk products are also available in eco-friendly packaging forms that keep the milk safe, and maintain its nutritional values. These facets are highly looked upon as beneficial characteristics for enjoying delicious, nutritious milk anytime.

Asia-Pacific region is witnessing an exponential growth and demand for UHT milk, especially in China due to the rapid pace of the urbanization. The UHT milk market in China constitutes nearly 60% of the total milk consumed in this region. China definitely has attracted the interest of many global market players in the UHT milk market. The overall demand in Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2013 to 2019, to reach a value of US$137.7 billion by the end of 2019, reports Persistence Market Research in its global study on the UHT milk market.


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