Helped by Enhanced Government Expenditure on Water Infrastructure, Ozone Technology Market is Poised to Flourish

Not that long ago, global superpowers only focused on economic development. Their unbridled efforts to develop economies and industries did shape the modern world; however, as a byproduct of economic development, environmental concerns were intensified. Surge in urbanization and consequently increasing levels of industrial waste have resulted in widespread contamination of the environment and rampant activities of past have left governments across the world with no other option but to take the necessary steps in order to curb pollution and resort to more environment-friendly means of living.

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Ozone technology has emerged as a potent mode of purifying air and disinfecting water, equipments, and surfaces. Governments and regulatory bodies of global economies are significantly investing in this technology to resolve issues pertaining to water contamination and work towards a healthy global population. According to a recently published Persistence Market Research report, impelled by intensifying environmental concerns, the market for ozone technology is likely to register an impressive 8.1% CAGR between 2014 and 2020.

Some of the trends driving the demand for ozone technology in the global market are discussed below:

Ozone Technology is Highly Demanded by Municipalities to Sterilize Water

Apart from its uses as a disinfecting agent, ozone technology is also used in therapies for some of the deadliest diseases such as acquired human immunodeficiency syndrome, commonly referred to as HIV/AIDS, and cancer. The demand for ozone technology has significantly risen in recent times as municipalities and minor applications including spas and swimming pools are focusing more on ensuring the availability of clean, safe, and hygienic water. All these factors have collaborated to foster increasing demand for ozone technology and ozone technology equipment in the global scenario.

Inherent Benefits of Ozone Technology Compared to Traditional Alternatives Drive its Demand

Ozone technology equipments come with certain inherent advantages such as quicker time of processing and high potential of oxidation compared to conventional techniques of disinfection. In addition, ozone technologies offer cost benefits and do not create harmful byproducts, which has bolstered the demand from the global ozone technology market.

Increased Government Expenditure on Water Infrastructure to Drive Global Ozone Technology Market

There has been a significant increase in government investment on developing state-of-the-art water infrastructure, which is reflected in the five-year plans of many developed and developing nations. Municipalities have also engaged in the drive to upgrade from indigenous chlorine-based disinfection methods to ozone and UV technologies. This is a crucial trend propelling the global ozone technology market.

High Disinfection Capacity of Ozone Technology to Boost Demand

Ozone technology exhibits a very high disinfection capacity. In addition, some of the countries have imposed stringent regulations pertaining to water treatment, which has compelled waste water services and water treatment establishments to upgrade their disinfection techniques to enhance water safety. These factors have greatly contributed to the increasing demand for ozone technology in the global scenario.

Developing economies have proactively participated in the drive towards making safe and healthy drinking water available throughout the country. Such steps taken by the governments of numerous nations will keep the demand for ozone technology high in the near future as well.


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