Global Cranio Maxillofacial Implants Market to be Driven by Rising Jaw and Cranial Fractures, Bio-absorbable Implants to Shape Market

Cranio maxillofacial implants are used to repair facial and jaw fractures. These implant surgeries are performed by specialists, often with the help of cranial experts. The various types of implants used in the global cranio maxillofacial market are plate and screws, bone grafts, flap fixation devices, distraction systems, and temporomandibular joint replacement devices. Cranio maxillofacial implants are also divided by location into external and internal fixators, and by material into calcium ceramics, metals and alloys, biological materials, and polymers.

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The global cranio maxillofacial implants market is driven by the rising rate of facial injuries all over the world. The market is expected to rise at a CAGR in excess of 6% to grow from US$1,044.7 million in 2014 to close to US$1,500 million in 2020. Some of the factors expected to aid the market’s growth in the coming years are as follows:

  • Rising Number of Road Accidents: The growing automotive market in regions such as Latin America and Asia Pacific, accompanied by the rising development of road networks in these emerging regions, has led to a growing number of road accidents. Allied to the rising number of road accidents in developed regions such as North America and Europe, this is expected to be a major growth driver for the global cranio maxillofacial implants market.

  • Rising Number of Sports Injuries: Participation in sports is a popular part of the culture in several European and North American countries. The U.S., which is the leading regional segment in the global market for cranio maxillofacial implants, is a major hub for sports such as baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. Allied to the growing importance of soccer in the U.S., participation in these sports by young as well as middle-aged demographics has led to a rising incidence of jaw and skull injuries, due to the liberal body contact in these sports.

  • Development in Procedure and Surgical Techniques: Constant innovation in medical science has led to advanced and constantly developing versions of cranio maxillofacial implants. These modern devices are almost entirely risk-free and extremely efficient in their operation, raising their demand.

  • Increased Spending Power of Consumers: Consumers all over the world now have more amounts to spend on healthcare than ever. The strong economic recovery of most countries from the economic meltdown in the previous decade has led to rising GDP figures, resulting in higher disposable incomes for the common consumers, which is increasing the amount spent on healthcare. This has allowed the markets for various medical devices and processes to flourish all over the world, and the market for cranio maxillofacial implants is a notable beneficiary of the same.

One of the strongest trends seen to emerge in the global cranio maxillofacial implants market is growing collaboration between major market players, including mergers and acquisitions as well as collaboration in product development.

A notable shift to bio-absorbable implants from metal/alloy or polymer implants is also a notable shift, due to the higher convenience it offers to patients post-surgery. Thus, collaborative development of bio-absorbable cranio maxillofacial implants is expected to shape the growth trajectory of the global cranio maxillofacial implants market in the coming years.


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