Rising Demand from Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices Sector to Propel the Global Cleanroom Technology Market

In 1960, Willis Whitfield, employee of Sandia National Laboratories created the first plan for the modern cleanroom. Within a few years of its invention, the modern cleanroom technology received an impressive reception worldwide and generated billions from its sales. According to a research study from Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global cleanroom technology market was estimated at US$3,156.0 million in 2014 and it is projected to develop at 5.2% CAGR during the forecast period from 2014 to 2020 and reach a value of US$4,290.1 million by 2020.

Read Full Report: http://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/market-research/cleanroom-technology-market.asp

The global cleanroom technology market by type is segmented into equipment and consumables. These sectors are further classified into sub-sectors. The cleanroom technology market on the basis of equipment is divided into HVAC systems, fan filter units (FFU), biosafety cabinets and laminar air flow systems, and air diffusers and showers. By consumables, the global cleanroom technology market is segmented into apparel, disinfectants, wipes, vacuum systems, cleaning consumables, gloves, safety consumables, and others.

The global cleanroom technology market is driven primarily by the rising demand of cleanrooms in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology.

High Demand from End-use Industries Fueling the Global Cleanroom Technology Market

  • Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing high demand for generic drugs, which is expected to fuel the demand for cleanroom technology. The generic drugs sector is expected to exhibit a high growth due to the patent expiry of leading drugs in the coming few years.

  • Biotechnology: The demand for cleanrooms in the biotechnology sector is high due to the rising need for vaccine production plants, research and development plants, and laboratories that need a sterile environment

  • Medical Devices: Manufacturing medical devices requires great amount of precision and care. Hence, cleanrooms have gained significant importance in the global medical devices market.

  • Others: Other sectors such as semiconductors and food industry are witnessing increasing demand for cleanroom technology. The semiconductor industry is experiencing rapid development of ever-smaller structure, which has led to rising demand for innovative finishing processes and cleanrooms. Currently, food processing occupies small share in the global cleanroom technology market, however, it is expected to demonstrate steady growth in the foreseeable future.

Besides the high demand from end-use industries, the global cleanroom technology market will also benefit from the increasing popularity of certified products and the rising innovations in cleanroom technology. Nevertheless, factors such as the shortage of experienced staff and the high maintenance and set up cost of cleanrooms will suppress the market.

Cleanrooms can be constructed using standard/drywall, hardwall, softwall, or terminal boxes. Companies that will offer integrated and customized cleanrooms are expected to thrive. Some of the top key players operating in the global cleanroom technology market are Kimberly-Clark, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Azbil, Taikisha, Ardmac, M+W Group, Royal Imtech, and Clean Air Products.

Geographically, the global cleanroom technology market is led by North America, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period. The North America cleanroom technology market was estimated in 2014 at US$1209.3 million and is projected to be worth US$1,580.8 by 2020. Asia Pacific is expected to demonstrate a high growth rate in the coming few years in the global cleanroom technology market due to its improving healthcare infrastructure.


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