MicroSD Memory Cards: A Favorite of Mobile Phone Industry and Consumers Alike

MicroSD memory cards, a type of non-volatile secure digital memory card, have acted like a support system for numerous sales strategies in the mobile phone industry since the year 2005. Allowing significant cost reductions and making data storage more promising for mobile phones, microSD cards have led to increased sales of mobile phones across the globe.

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The fingertip sized memory cards have over the years proven to be extremely valuable to manufacturers and consumers across many industries. These cards allowed reduction in the size of removable memory cards by nearly 75%. MicroSD cards also propelled the smartphone industry by giving more flexibility and freedom to both product designers and consumers. These tiny data storage devices made it easy for manufacturers to push their design and development limits without worrying about increased costs or reduced processing powers of their devices. Affordable storage capabilities allowed the end-users to enjoy the benefits of the latest trends and applications in the mobile world.

Only About a Quarter of Smartphones in the Market Do Not Have SD Slots

Currently, nearly 75% of smartphones models in the market exhibit memory expansion capability by the virtue of microSD slots. In the last few years, smartphone manufacturers have come to understand that even the high-end smartphone models without SD features do not deliver the expected results in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. Point in case is example of high-end smartphones such as HTC One and LG G2, which earlier came without microSD support, but soon included SD slots in their advanced versions.

Starting with 32 MB, the Market Now Boasts 200 GB Data Storage Capacity Cards

With all the high resolution images and audio and data-hungry video files getting stored in every other smartphone these days, it does not take much time for the mobile storage or extended mobile memories to hit their storage capacities. With mobile devices boasting increasingly high-end technological features and real-time data processing capabilities, it does not seem like the demand for storage will ever cease.

To add some more breathing room in a device’s data storage vicinity, SanDisk, the pioneer in the field of microSD cards, has recently developed a microSD card that can store a whopping 200 GB data. This is comparable to data storage of a typical laptop in current times. With such huge data storage capacities, combined with excellent data retrieval techniques, microSD data cards will spearhead future advancements in mobile technology. Extended capacities and excellent processing powers of microSD cards will also leverage from the benefits of the concept of Internet of Things by lowering the data storage barrier and boosting the power of experimentation.

Huge Leap in Terms of Storage Capacities

With the first versions of SD cards featuring only about 32 MB data storage capacity, the market has come to boast 200 GB storage capacities, which entails a 6,250 times rise in storage capability in only 10 years.

A market research report published by Persistence Market Research states that the global market for secure digital (SD) memory cards stood at US$ 7,705.2 million in 2014. The segment of microSD cards contributed to over 90% of the overall revenue generated by the market. Rapid advancements in the field of microSD cards, leading to extended storage capabilities and a significant reduction in product costs, combined with the ever rising need for data storage in smartphones, will further increase the demand for microSD cards in the near future.


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