Global Bulletproof Security Glass Market: Increasing Crime Rate to Boost Growth Prospects of Market

Bulletproof glass, also known as bullet-resistant glass, is made up of materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, thermoplastic, and glass-clad polycarbonate that can withstand damages from bullets and small projectiles. Growing concerns for safety and security across various industries such as finance, automotive, and construction are driving the global bulletproof security glass market. The market is valued at US$2,395.7 mn in 2015 and is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 8.8% during the period between 2015 and 2021. The overall bulletproof security glass market is expected to be worth US$3,972.5 mn by 2021.

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With rising number of terrorist attacks and crimes, North America is the largest market for global bulletproof security glass market. The market is especially thriving in the regions with the higher crime rate. North America accounts for 26.66% of the global market. This can be directly correlated to the higher crime rate in countries such as Mexico. In the coming years, the global bulletproof security glass market is expected to flourish in the Middle East and Africa.

Automobiles Sector Driving Demand from Global Bulletproof Security Glass Market

The market for bulletproof security glass is being increasingly driven by flourishing automobile industry worldwide. Growing demand for value-added automobile products is expected to further boost the growth prospects of the market in the coming years. For bulletproof automobiles, security glass is like a ‘transparent armor’. It is different from the thicker version of the safety glass found in the side windows of standard cars. Rather, it is a combination of polycarbonate and leaded glass. The thinnest bulletproof security glass of about 0.8 inch can stop bullets fired from a 9mm handgun whereas the thickest bulletproof security glass of 2.0 inches can make a shot fired from a high-powered .30-06 rifle ineffective.

Apart from the automotive sector, the financial industry is also contributing to the increasing demand from the global bulletproof security glass market. Banks and other financial institutions are heavily investing in bulletproof security glasses to safeguard their employees from potential robberies.

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Major Automotive Companies Offering Bulletproof Versions of their Products

Global automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Ford offer bulletproof vehicles. The recently launched Range Rover Sentinel by Jaguar Land Rover is claimed to withstand bullets as well as hand grenade blasts. Bullet-resistant privacy glass has been used in the car along with super high strength steel that can withstand piercing bullets of 7.62mm high velocity. It has been often observed that though auto manufacturers offer the bulletproof versions of their vehicles according to requirements of their customers, aftermarket companies such as International Armoring Corporation usually customize the vehicles for the customers. In the coming years, the demand for bulletproof security glass from automotive companies as well as the aftermarket companies will drive the overall bulletproof security glass market.


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