Low Demand for Medical Case Management Services in Developing Economies Hindering Overall Growth of Global Market

Medical case management services are a range of patient-centric services that link the patients to healthcare systems, reimbursement providers, psychological support, and other medical services. Coordination and follow-up of medical treatments are important components of medical case management services. Such services help the patient in understanding effective and cost efficient medical alternatives, thus allowing patientpatients to save time and money for inappropriate and unnecessary care.

The services are mostly delivered by registered nurses or healthcare practitioners and at the onset of every new case, the service provider conducts an assessment of the patient’s needs and reviews and evaluates treatment options. Complex medical cases are taken care of by coordinating with patients, their family members, medical care providers, and by evaluating patients’ medical records for determining the medical needs and appropriate treatment options. The complex nature of medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS and a variety of cancers makes medical case management services an easy way to ensure timely and well-coordinated access to the most appropriate medical and support services. The services also ensure efficient care through unhindered assessment of the patient and other personal support systems/family/friends.

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Lesser Adoption in Developing Economies Hindering Market’s Overall Growth Prospects

The rising prevalence of such complex diseases, coupled with the rising geriatric population of the globe, has been driving the global medical case management services market since the past few years. While the market is gaining much traction in developed countries, the high cost for these services is hindering the market’s development in developing and emerging economies across the globe. The majority of cash-strapped patients in developing and emerging economies are also refrained from adopting medical case management services owing to the lack of medical insurances. In these regions, where managing funds for treatment is a struggle, hiring a medical case manager is highly unlikely.

Thus, the overall development of the global market is occurring at a moderate growth rate, with much of the demand coming from developed countries. A market report published by Persistence Market Research states that the global medical case management services market will expand at a moderate 3.0% CAGR between 2015 and 2021. If the growth forecast holds true, the market, which had a valuation of US$5,155.1 mn in 2014, is expected to reach a valuation of US$5,155.1 mn by 2021.

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Telephonic Medical Case Management Services More Preferred

Medical case management services are offered via a variety of channels, including web-based case management services, field case management services, bilingual case management services, and telephonic case management services. Other types, such as utilization review services, vocational case management services, comprehensive pharmacy review, Medicare set aside sub-segments services, employee services, and physician advisor services are also fairly popular. Of these, the segment of telephonic medical case management currently accounts for the largest share of the global market. The segment is also expected to generate the maximum share in terms of revenues in the future years owing to the convenient service-pattern of these services.


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