Latest Innovative Diagnostic Imaging Technologies Launched by Chief Players to Boost Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market

Diagnostic imaging equipment is majorly utilized for human body imaging by the help of various imaging technologies. It is utilized to diagnose, monitor, treat, and screen numerous medical conditions in order to provide an accurate medical intervention. These devices have also enhanced doctors’ ability in diagnosing, treating, and detecting a disease or an injury, particularly at an early stage. The devices are also utilized for providing information related to a particular area of the human body to be studied or treated. The rising prevalence of injuries and chronic diseases, the increasing aging population, and the increasing awareness about the advantages of early diagnosis amongst people are the chief factors fuelling the market for diagnostic imaging equipment.

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The prime players operating in the market have been taking a number of steps to advance the technology of diagnostic imaging equipment. The top 4 players operating in the market and their key innovations in diagnostic imaging equipment have been presented below:

  • Siemens Healthcare: This is a global healthcare and medical information technology company and produces, sells, and develops therapeutic and diagnostic systems, consumables, IT systems, and devices for administrative and clinical applications. This company also offers maintenance, consulting, and professional services. The company functions via three divisions, namely clinical products, imaging and therapy systems, and diagnostics. It provides a wide range of solutions such as MRI, angiography, CT, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, surgery systems, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostic products utilized for administrative and clinical purposes, and IT imaging.

  • Philips Healthcare: Philips Healthcare is a medical device company and has its headquarters in Massachusetts, U.S. It markets and manufactures diagnostic imaging systems and cardiac and patient monitoring devices. The business activities of this company are classified into four areas, namely patient care and clinical informatics, imaging systems, customer services, and home healthcare solutions. It works on technologies such as ultrasound, CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine. The company’s operations are spread across Europe, the U.S., Africa, Canada, and Asia Pacific. Recently, the Gemini PET/CT scanner manufactured by Philips Healthcare has truflight technology providing 20% more contrast and spatial resolution. This results in swifter and more sensitive scanning as compared to traditional PET.

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  • Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation: This is a medical device company and is a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation. It has its headquarters at Tochigi-ken within Japan. The company manufactures and markets diagnostic imaging equipment in over 135 countries globally. The R&D activities are conducted by collaborating with research and medical institutions globally for developing MRI equipment for better visualization of blood vessels, without the requirement of contrast agents. This company supplies CT systems with patented technologies including real technology and helical scanning. The multislice CT scanner made by the company presents high-resolution image reconstruction and high-speed operations.

  • Hitachi Medical Corporation: This company sells and manufactures diagnostic imaging systems such as diagnostic ultrasound, MRI, X-ray and CT systems. Hitachi Medical Corporation functions via 4 segments, namely general analysis systems, medical information systems, medical systems, and medical analysis systems. In 2012, the company got FDA clearance for marketing its Echelon Oval 1.5T Ultra Wide MR systems. The company also introduced its AIRIS Soleil permanent magnet open MRI equipment in the same year, which is a cutting-edge innovation in diagnostic imaging equipment.


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