Campaigns Aimed at Improving Ostomy Awareness to Drive Global Ostomy Care Accessories Market

In people who have lost normal bladder or bowel function due to birth defects, an injury, or disease, a new surgical opening is created for allowing the expulsion of normal bodily waste. The surgery enabling this procedure is called ostomy. People with ostomies commonly wear special pouching systems or colostomy bags over the new opening thus created, called stoma, on the abdominal wall. Ostomy pouching systems include a collection pouch and a skin barrier/wafer. The skin barrier/wafer in an ostomy pouching system is designed to protect the skin by avoiding prolonged contact with the stoma output and to not damage the skin. Ostomy pouches are fitted over and around the stoma and are attached to the abdomen with the wafer.

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Ostomy Care Accessories: a Primer

A variety of complementary products, such as skin barriers, adhesives, stoma caps, irrigation sets, tapes, belt, and convex inserts are used on a regular basis to help ostomy pouching systems properly hold on to the body or to protect sensitive areas around the stoma. These products, commonly referred to as ostomy care accessories, find a variety of applications such as cleaning, sealing, drainage, and lubrication.

The market for ostomy care accessories is growing at a steady pace over the past few years on the global front. According to a research report on the global ostomy care accessories market published by Persistence Market Research, the market had a valuation of US$347.2 mn in 2015. Projected to expand at a healthy 6.8% CAGR between 2015 and 2021, the market is expected to reach US$503.7 mn by 2021.

A number of end-use segments such as hospitals, home care settings, and ambulatory surgical centers contribute to bulk purchases of ostomy care accessories. Apart from conventional distribution channels such as pharmacies and clinics, ostomy care accessories are also commonly available through online shopping portals.

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Campaigns Aimed at Improving Awareness about Ostomy Driving Market

The rising number of ostomy surgeries in the rapidly expanding global population of geriatrics is a key factor boosting the market for ostomy care accessories on a global front. Technological innovations in the field of ostomy care accessories and rising incidence of gastrointestinal diseases are also propelling the global ostomy care market.

The high number of campaigns aimed at improving the awareness about ostomy in the past few years has significantly benefitted the market for ostomy care accessories. The resulting rise in demand for a variety of highly sophisticated ostomy care accessories has prompted further research in the market. The market has also seen an increasing number of partnerships amongst distributors and manufacturers and heightened popularity of non-conventional sales channels such as the Internet.

However, the market’s growth is limited to a certain extent owing to the low awareness about the benefits of efficient ostomy accessories, unfavorable reimbursement policies, and pricing pressures in developing regions.

Some of the key vendors operating in the global ostomy care accessories market are Nu-Hope Laboratories, Inc., Coloplast Corp., Hollister Inc., ConvaTec Inc., EuroMed Inc., 3M, Cymed Ostomy Co., Smith & Nephew, and FNC Medical.


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