Rising Use of Biochips to Diagnose and Treat Diseases Boosts Biochips Market

Biochips are miniature integrated devices that are used for biological and biochemical reactions for monitoring, diagnostics, and research and development, offering benefits such as parallelism, intelligence, high speed, and low cost. Biochips analyze organic molecules of a living organism. Biochips are so fast that they can decode genes in few seconds and hence they are in great demand for drug screening, development and molecular diagnostics, and genomics and proteomics. They help identify gene sequences, biochemical constituents, airborne toxins, and other environmental pollutants.

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Diagnosis of HIV Becomes Affordable with Biochips

The global biochips market is driven by the increased use of biochips for diagnosis of cancer. The market is also driven by the rise in personalized medicines, life science research, drug discoveries, and increased funding by the government. Researchers have developed a cost-effective and much simpler way of diagnosing HIV among a group of population through their white blood cells, by the use of biochips.

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute to Develop Biochips that Assess Cancer Risk at an Early Stage

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Knight Cancer Institute researchers are trying to develop ways to diagnose cancer at an early stage, so that it is most likely to be treatable. Leveraging on the development of science and technology, the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is now determined to develop liquid biopsy biochips. These biochips are aimed to serve as a tool that give an early warning to assess the risk of cancer. With the objective of early detection of lethal forms of cancer, the liquid biopsy biochip looks promising and might become a crucial tool in the future to detect cancer at an early stage.

Detection of Multiple Poultry Pathogens Possible with Biochips

Due to the increasing prevalence and epidemics of bird flu and other diseases originating in poultry, AVA and Veredus Laboratories have developed and launched a biochip application that can simultaneously detect multiple poultry pathogens. As opposed to the conventional molecular detection method for the testing of one sample, which consumed 3-5 hours for one pathogen test, the biochip developed by this laboratory can detect nine pathogens from a single sample within a matter of three hours.

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SIMBAS Biochip to Speed up the Diagnosis of TB and other Diseases

Researchers from the University of California, Dublin City University in Ireland, and Universidad de Valparaíso Chile, collectively developed a standalone device that can detect diseases within minutes through a blood sample. Called the SIMBAS biochip, this platform may be used to create a diagnostic device that quickly detects cancer, cardiac diseases, HIV, sepsis, TB, and others.

These and other upcoming developments in the biochips market are expected to keep the market afloat in the coming years. The high potential of biochips in diagnostic applications will help the market post a strong growth rate in the coming years.


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