Demand in World Absorption Chillers Market Increases as Industries Look for Cost-efficient Cooling Solutions

Earlier, companies would employ electric cooling systems in factories as the cost of energy did not pinch as much. But with the increase in energy costs, the need for cost effective cooling solutions has become increasingly urgent, resulting in the rising demand for absorption chillers.

Absorption chillers powered by heat consume considerably less energy to generate the same degree of cooling that chillers powered by electricity would. This has resulted in the sale of 11,875 absorption chillers in 2015, with the estimated number for 2016 being 12,203 units.

Increasing Number of Companies Powering Offices with Absorption Chillers

Most companies require a certain degree of cooling to be maintained in their manufacturing units and electric chillers are used in most cases. Also, most companies generate massive amounts of heat, which is wasted by simply being released into the atmosphere. But with mounting energy costs, companies have realized the value of the heat energy available to them. Absorption chillers are now being run using the same heat.

Many companies have put absorption chillers to use in the form of air conditioning systems and are powering their offices using these units. This has enabled them to cut costs considerably and use the money saved for the future growth and expansion of their companies. This trend has created a tremendous demand for absorption chillers in the market.

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Wide Array of Industrial Applications Driving Growth

As indicated above, absorption chillers are powered by waste heat. Industries such as petroleum and chemical, brewery, printing, pulp mill, palm oil production, district energy, incinerator, landfill gas, biogas, coal bed methane, combined heat and power, geothermal, and solar generate massive amounts of heat, which can be used to power absorption chillers. The growth of these industries results in the increased demand for absorption chillers. The savings generated by employing absorption chillers in these industries are significantly.

Environment-friendly Absorption Chillers Shaping the Future of Industrial Cooling

One of leading causes of global warming is the large amounts of heat generated by various industries. Using absorption chillers gives companies the opportunity to reduce their overall carbon footprint. This can help save the companies considerable revenue through carbon taxes.

Most companies are opting for absorption chillers to control energy consumption. Government regulations are also being strictly implemented, compelling industries to employ absorption chillers and reduce the global energy burden.

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Key players in the global absorption chillers market include Robur Group, Carrier Corporation, Broad Air Conditioning Co. Ltd., Thermax Inc., Trane Inc., Yazaki Corporation, EAW Energieanlagenbau GmbH, Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co. Ltd., Hyundai Climate Control Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Thermal Eng. Co. Ltd., and Johnson Controls.


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