Rising demand for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is expected to push the global market owing to wide application in various industries, according to a report by Persistence Market Research.

Key findings about the global chlorinated polyvinyl chloride market are as follows:

1. Rising use of CPVC across varied industries for diverse application is expected to drive the global market.

2. CPVC is majorly used in fire sprinklers and is a major factor for the rise in demand.

3. Rising safety regulations, better performance efficiency compared to regular PVC driving the global CPVC market.

4. Cost effectiveness, better durability generating demand for CPVC across the globe.

5. Brittle nature, high repair cost in case of leaks is expected to hamper market as consumers might prefer alternative materials.

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6. Manufacturing of pipes and fittings is one of the major applications for CPVC.

7. North America is the dominating region with largest share in the global CPVC market.

8. Rising construction and manufacturing units in Asia Pacific is expected to drive demand for CPVC in the region for the forecast period.

9. Europe and Latin America follow APAC in the list of fastest growing market regions for CPVC.

10. The Lubrizol Corporation, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., and BASF AG are the top three companies in the global CPVC market.

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Major players in the global chlorinated polyvinyl chloride market include SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD., BASF AG, Panjin Changrui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., PolyOne Corporation, Kaneka Corporation, The Lubrizol Corporation, Shandong Kexing Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu days Teng Chemical Co., Ltd, Kem One SAS, and Shandong Tianchen Chemical Co., Ltd.