Top 10 Key Findings in Global Refrigeration Pumps Market

Increased adoption of refrigeration pumps in large industries and outlets such as supermarkets is expected to generate demand in the global market, according to a report by Persistence Market Research.

Key findings about the global refrigeration pumps market are as follows:

1. The global retail market is projected to rise steadily which is favorable for the global refrigeration pumps market.

2. Demand for refrigeration pumps is expected to rise at a strong rate owing to the rise in adoption rate of refrigeration pumps.

3. Cooling requirements in industries and supermarkets is generating demand for refrigeration pumps in order to maintain the quality of food for longer periods.

4. Rise in commercial sector is expected to fuel the global market.

5. Changing consumer lifestyles, increased demand for packed and frozen foods is expected to boost demand in the global market.

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6. High cost of maintenance, need for constant monitoring are major restraints in the global market.

7. New opportunities can be created for market players with launch of innovative and efficient solutions.

8. Asia Pacific is projected to be the dominating market region globally.

9. India and China are expected to grow at the fastest rate for the forecast period.

10. Latin America and MEA are expected to showcase favorable growth owing to growing demand from the manufacturing sector in the regions.

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Key players in the global refrigeration pumps market include Haskel, Teikoku USA/Chempump, Viking Pump Inc., Hermetic Pumps, Cornell Pump Company, Kirloskar Brothers Limited (India), and Buffalo Pumps.


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