Rising need for “green” products in the global market, along with growing applications, is expected to generate major demand for photocurable resins in the global market, according to a report by Persistence Market Research.

10 key findings in the global photocurable resins market are as follows:

1. Demand for pro-environment products major driver.

2. Use of photocurable resin in manufacturing of ink, rising application of UV curable ink in pacjage printing, pushing demand in the global market.

3. Application in rapid prototyping generating major demand.

4. High cost per gallon of photocurable resin major restraint.

5. Coating industry was the leading consumer with over half of the total demand in the global market.

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6. Growing demand leading to market players investing to increase supply to meet the rising demand.

7. APAC dominating region with over half of the total demand.

8. India and China key nations in terms of demand. China estimated to have majority opportunities.

9. Europe and North America to follow Asia Pacific as favorable markets.

10. MEA and Latin America expected to register favorable growth for the forecast period.

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Key players in the global photocurable resins market are Sartomer, BASF SE, Cytec, Eternal, IGM Resins B.V, and Arkema.