Rising Demand for Processed Food Advancing Global Safflower Extract Market

The rise in consumer demands for processed food, growing applications in various industries is expected to boost the global market, according to a report by Persistence Market Research.

10 key findings in the global safflower extract market are as follows:

1. Growing demand for processed foods with organic and natural ingredients major driver.

2. Colorant and medicinal property, both helps reduce dependence on multiple products thus generating demand, and reducing ill-effects on human health.

3. Rising consumer health consciousness, application in cosmetics, major market trends.

4. Side effects includes allergy, bleeding, miscarriages, and rise in diabetic levels major restraint.

5. Application of extract in production of insulin expected to generate major demand.

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6. Safflower extract is available in the form of decoction, oil, and dried powder in the global market.

7. Safflower oil is the dominant segment owing to major application in manufacturing, food production, and pharmaceuticals.

8. Pharmaceuticals segment is the leading segment in terms of application of extract. Food and beverages ranks second.

9. India, the U.S. and Mexico, leading safflower extract producers.

10. India accounts to over half of the global market share owing to strong domestic vegetable oil market.

For more information on the global safflower extract market, click here. http://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/toc/11209

Key players in the global safflower extract market include Ramazanogullari, Aktivv LLP, Global oil trading and services, Naturalin, EPC Natural Products Co. Ltd., Algodones Y Aceites Mexicanos, Los Charitos, Galp distribution oil Espana, Shanghai Youngsun foods, New Way Herbs, Quality Product Lab Pvt. Ltd., and Cibaria International.


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