Asia Pacific Dominating Region in Global Laminated Glass Market

Rising use in automobiles and construction is expected to push the demand for laminated glass in the global market, according to a report by Persistence Market Report.

Following are the key findings in the global laminated glass market:

1. Rising awareness on the use of glass in construction and its various benefits such as safety, security, energy efficiency, among others are major drivers.

2. The global laminated glass market is expected to register positive growth through the forecast period of 2015-2025.

3. Growing applications in end use industries is resulting in rising investment in the global market.

4. Growing issues of safety and security resulting in consumers utilizing laminated glass for construction.

5. High strength and safety features of laminated glass has increased user preference owing to protection provided from impact, sound, forced entry, earthquakes, and bullets.

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6. Demand for laminated glass is boosted due to the aspect that they meet the exact requirements.

7. Application in windshield and sunroofs in the automotive industry driving the global market.

8. High manufacturing and energy cost is a major restraint to the global market.

9. Rising demand in India and China is expected to retain APAC as the leading market region through the forecast period.

10. North America and Europe are projected to rank second and third through the forecast period respectively.

For more information on the global laminated glass market, click here.

Key companies in the global laminated glass market are Oldcastle Inc., Saint-Gobain, FUSO GLASS, Asahi Glass Company, Guardian Industries, NSG Group, AJJ Group, and Cardinal Glass.


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