Explore Gunshot Wound Management System Market Research Report by 2024

Gunshot wound is also called ballistic trauma. It is a form of physical trauma which is caused when a bullet or any other projectile is shot into the body. Gunshot wound can cause serious injuries which includes severe bleeding, damage to tissues and organs, wound infections, paralysis or even may lead to broken bones and sometime it may lead to death. Damage caused due to gunshot depends on the location of the injury, and the speed and type of bullet. Gunshot wounds that pass through the body without hitting the major organs, bones or blood vessels cause less damage. The immediate effect of a gunshot wound is generally severe bleeding. To save a life, it is must to stop the bleeding immediately, gunshot wound management system is used to stop the bleeding within seconds and life of injured person.

Increasing incidence of wars and traumatic cases is expected to drive the global gunshot wound management system market. Limited product availability, limitation for new product approval by government, and alternative option for gunshot wound management is expected to restrain the global gunshot wound management system market.

Since, mid-World War II almost half of the deaths are due to exsanguinating hemorrhage, which means bleeding out. This has led to the invention of gunshot wound management system to stop the bleeding immediately, so the life of patient can be saved. Gunshot wound management system is a device with an injector syringe which is filled with small sponges. These small sponges swallows up the blood and seal the wound by expanding up to 10 times bigger than that of their actual size, when injected into the wound.

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The only gunshot wound management device is XStat, which got FDA approval in April, 2014. It is expected to launch of this devices in other parts of world in near future. More than 100,000 people are shot with firearms in U.S. each year. Over 140,000 women in the U.S. die annually owing to postpartum hemorrhaging. It is expected to develop improved version of devices in near future that can stop the postpartum bleeding. High incidence of traumatic injury, crime and war causalities is expected to boost the growth of gunshot wound management system market across the globe.



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