Thymus Cancer Market is expected to have sizable growth opportunity by 2022

Thymus cancer or thyomas is a tumor formed on the outer surface of the thymus. Thymus is a small organ located in the upper chest under the breast bone and makes specific type of white blood cells which help the body fight infection. The tumor occurs at the rate of only 1.5 cases in million people each year in the United States thus being a rare type of cancer make up 1% of the total cancers. There are no prominent causes or risk factors for thymus cancer but show the symptoms like prolonged cough, fatigue and drooping of eye lids. About 30% of the people having thyoma also have a condition called myasthenia gravis which is an autoimmune disorder, people having thyoma tend to have some other related syndromes called as paraneoplastic syndromes. Thyoma may not cause aearly signs of symptoms and may be diagnosed during a chest x-ray or CT scan.

WHO has developed a classification for thyomas by assigning different letters as Type A, Type AB, Type B1, Type B1, Type B2, Type B3,Type C, Type A being the rarest type. Most of the thyomas are diagnosed, staged and treated during the surgery. The advancements in cancer treatments and therapies can be the driving factors of this market. Being a rare type of cancer there no significant studies available where the risk factors and possible causes of thymus cancer which can be a drawback for the thymus cancer market in terms of diagnosis. The proper approach towards thymus cancer can be the diagnosis and thus the people having syndrome are most likely to develop thymus cancer and thus must be looked after and treated before the tumor spreads beyond the thymus.

The global market for thymus cancer is segmented on basis of treatment and distribution channel:

  • Segmentation by treatment of Thymus Cancer
    • Surgery
    • Radiation Therapy
    • Chemotherapy
      • Carboplatin (Paraplatin)
      • Cisplatin (Platinol)
      • Ifosfamide (Ifex)
      • Others
    • Targeted Therapy
  • Segmentation by distribution Channel of Thymus Cancer
    • Hospitals
    • Pharmacies
    • Research Organizations
    • Pharmaceutical Companies

With increasing base of thyoma patients, the Thymus Cancer market is expected to have sizeable growth opportunity during the forecast period (2016-2026). Companies are focusing on diagnosis treatments and also newer therapies to treat thymus cancer. With technological innovations and advance research there is immense potential in Thymus Cancer market.

On the basis of region presence, Thymus Cancer market is segmented into five key regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Currently, North America dominates the global market for Thymus Cancer due to high prevalence rate of allergy cases owing to angioedema, followed by Europe. The rate of thymus cancer is comparatively low with respect to other regions. However factors such genetic mutation and relative conditions causing thyomas are also responsible for thymus cancer as observed by the researchers.

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Some of the key market players in the manufacturing of the treatment products (antibiotics) for sinusitis includes Novartis International AG, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Pfizer Inc., Mylan N.V, Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC., Eli Lilly and Company, and Phyton Biotech LLC.



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