Wireless Charging Market by geography such as North America, Europe, APAC by 2024

Wireless charging is defined as charging of any electronic device battery without using any cords and cables constitutes. Nikola Tesla introduced the concept of wireless charging in 1899. This old age technology become popular in consumer electronics goods especially smartphones and tablets. Wireless charging use the concept of electromagnetic field for transmission of energy between two entities. Energy is sent to an electrical device via inductive coupling, which use the energy to charge the batteries of electronic devices.

The wireless charger market is at its infancy stage. Reduction in power reduction and power consumption is projected to drive the market. The potential challenges are the lack of standards, and interoperability. Efficiency of wireless charging is not similar as compare to wired charging. The Qi Standard was established by Wireless Power Consortium for interoperability.

Wireless charging is segmented on the basis of applications which includes smartphones and other consumer electronic devices, industrial segment, military, medical and electric vehicles among others. Electric vehicle market has high potential for wireless charging devices. These vehicles would be charge with copper coils fixed under the vehicle and the coils located in the commercial and residential space. Thus, it will not need any discrete plug-in stations. In 2011, the military and the medical devices contributes a minor ratio to the wireless charging market and are projected to rise at slow rate by 2019. Further, wireless charging market is segmented based on geography such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Rest of World (RoW).

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Some of the major players of this market are Avid Technologies Inc., Convenient Power HK Limited, Energizer, Evatran Llc, Powermat Technologies, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments Incorporated And Verizon Wireless, Inc. among others.


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