LTE technology is driving the growth of the 4G Devices Market

4G is a fourth generation internet technology that is five times faster than 3G internet technology. With increasing demand for accessing internet at a faster speed, most of the mobile device manufacturers are introducing smart phones that support 4G internet networks. 4G network uses different network technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) to transmit data as compared to 3G due to which 4G devices have experienced demand in the recent times. 4G devices are representing potential revenue opportunities for mobile operators, 4G device OEMs, IC vendors, network equipment vendors, and content creators by providing premium services and products.

Component of 4G Device Market

  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Devices
  • PC Terminals
  • 4G (LTE) Network

Technological advancements in 4G network technology plus developments in the networking equipment that support the LTE technology is driving the growth of the 4G devices market. 4G network provides fastest internet and feature such as voice over LTE.

However, security and privacy still remain a concern for 4G device manufacturer, Security measures must be integrated in order to facilitate secured data transmission. Another challenge experienced by this industry is a lack of awareness and infrastructure support in few countries for 4G networks, due to which, this technology has currently not become mainstream across the globe. In addition to this, regulatory hurdles from county’s governments across the globe are also one of the primary challenges for this market.

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Segmentation of 4G (LTE) devices market on the basis of device type:

  • PC and Laptops

One of the medium to access 4G network is through a personal computer (PC) and laptops. Nowadays PCs and laptops are coming with 4G enabled chips. Users generally access to 4G network using these devices for business purpose.

  • Smartphone

The smartphone is the largest market of 4G (LTE) device market. Mobile device manufacturers such Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and Apple Inc. have released series of smartphones that are enabled with LTE technology.

  • Tablets:

Companies such as Lenovo, iBall, Micromax Informatics, and Samsung Electronics have launched tablets that support 4G technology.

North America is leading the in terms of adoption for 4G devices market. The region has been an early adopter of 4G network which is driving considerable growth in the mobile data traffic. The reason behind the strong growth of 4G device market in this region is countries such as the U.S. lead innovation in a number of areas in the mobile ecosystem, including hardware, access technologies, and operating systems.

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Europe has witnessed increased investment in the 4G network and services by mobile phone operators. Machine-to-machine communication in the region is also boosting the growth of 4G device market.

In Asia-Pacific region, countries such as China and India are making good inroads for 4G device manufacturer due to clear guidelines framed by government related to 4G network in these countries.

Samsung Electronics, Apple, Inc., AT&T, Inc., Lenovo, are some of the leading players of the global 4G devices market.


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