Piling Machines Market see varied applications/uses and in turn in achieving significant growth

Driving pile into the ground has mainly been used in the construction industry where piles strengthen the soil and transfer the load to the ground. Piling machines vary in their load bearing capacity, procedure of piling and types of piles used.

Pile drivers, piling rigs, impact hammers and vibrators are different types of piling machines. Vibrators are either high frequency, standard frequency or resonance free vibrators. For driving sheet piles, timber piles, H&I beams, concrete piles and steel tubes, different piling machines are used. For instance Bakau piling machines are used for timber piles. Sheet piles are used for sustaining the lateral loads. Accessory machines such as pre auger, pile cropper have high demand in piling machines market. On the basis of piling methods, piling machines are segmented as hydraulic impact, vibratory, rotary, oscillating and drilling machines. The key market segments for piling and foundation include commercial buildings and housing projects, roads and highways, metro rail projects, power plants, oil refineries, airports, marine structures and drainage projects.

Infrastructure projects and their tight working schedules, focus on quality of work and scarcity of labors have made contractors to use sophisticated piling equipment. Vendors are focusing on manufacturing environment friendly piling machines eliminating noise and reducing vibrations. Piling machine manufacturers are developing advanced technologies to remain competitive in the market and make these machines more ergonomic. Different testing technologies such as load testing, integrity testing, sonic coring, have been developed by manufacturers to achieve desired level of performance for piling machines. Piling technology with monitoring features increases the overall productivity of the piling machines. Advancements in hammers and rig technology has helped piling machines market see varied applications/uses and in turn in achieving significant growth. For instance, resonance free vibratory machines are gaining huge demand as they work noiselessly in city centers and are therefore useful in projects within a city and around its periphery. Similarly, flexible rigs has helped to cut down investment expenditures by constructors/contractors considerably as they fit for multiple applications and therefore have higher preference. Such multi-functional piling machines are driving the market growth. In spite of these advancements, obtaining and training personnel to operate these machines has been a challenge to this market. Likewise, high prices of piling machines has restrained their adoption by small and medium scale contractors. Such contractors rent these piling machines as an alternative to investing high capital.

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The piling machines market is segmented by geography into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle-East and Africa. India and China are the most promising markets for piling machines. In India, government plans of investing over $1 trillion in infrastructure development (2012 – 2017), present enormous opportunities for the construction industry, and specifically for foundation and piling works. Growth of infrastructure projects such as power (wind, hydro, nuclear and thermal) plants, tall structures and metros will continue to drive piling machines market. Globally governments are planning to develop high speed trains, networking freight corridors, ports and waterways which will boost the piling machines market.

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The piling machines market is in nascent stage and as new players are entering, the market is becoming competitive. The leading players in the piling machines market include Soilmec S.p.A., Casagrande Group, Bauer AG, Atlas Copco AB, Sinomach (China National Machinery Industry Corporation), Tes Car S.r.l, Delmag GmbH & Co. KG, BSP International Foundations, REL (Revathi Equipment Limited), MAIT S.p.A., and Suretech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.


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