What’s Gaining Popularity for Drinkable Peanut Powder?

In America, more than 90% of households consume peanut butter daily, which reflects they’re all gaga for it. As a matter of fact, the U.S. represents the largest producer of peanut butter (and consumer too!) globally. With over 30 essential nutrients and vitamins (National Peanut Board), peanut butter stands atop the most favorite healthy foods among Americans. It helps in cholesterol reduction and weight loss thereby. It also aids prevention of diabetes type II, owing to rich antioxidant and oleic acid contents. However, a variety of peanut butter-based products have been hitting the market, creating competition to usual peanut butter.

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Do you absolutely love peanut butter? Why not enjoy it in various forms rather than simply as a bread spread!

One of the popular products in the peanut butter industry today, is drinkable peanut powder. Since this powder is made from ultra-crushed peanuts that contain the minimum fat but the maximum of its protein content, it has gained decent popularity for added advantages it offers. Crushing removes all natural oil from peanuts, making them ideal for incorporation in daily diet, as a spoonful or two guilt-less powdered peanut butter.

Despite having a bonus point in terms of health, it does not compromise on the taste that makes you crave for it. At the end, peanut butter powder offers you the profound taste and flavor of peanuts, in a drinkable form. Sounds exciting? The most popular among available products include powdered peanut butter spread, peanut butter-flavored protein powder, peanut powder smoothies, and hot peanut drinks.

With more population running behind healthy diet regimen, peanut butter in all its forms is successfully grabbing a dedicated space in supermarket shelves. However, there are a few great reasons why drinkable peanut powder is savouring higher sales these days. Besides being around 80-85% fat-free, powdered peanut butter effectively maintains the original taste of peanuts. With more consumers preferring natural products that are rich in taste, drinkable peanut powder is gaining traction in market. Consumer behaviour is also shifting to preservative-free, gluten-free drinks, pushing the demand for drinkable peanut powder further.

If you’ve been seeking a reliable, more natural energy source that would keep you going for more than longer through stressed out daily routine, drinkable peanut powder might be the one. Blending it with a little water for spreading onto a toast or adding it to your favorite smoothie recipe can do the trick. Sip a peanut smoothie before walking out for the gym, have it in the mid-morning snack time, or simply choose it as a super filling breakfast along with a whole grain toast or two. It is in fact such a versatile food that you can have it at any time during the day, or even for a filling dinner. Start off a day with a drink of peanut powder, and you’ll feel the energy level for longer than you’d imagined.

Summary: Drinkable peanut powder emerging as a strong competition to usual peanut butter. Health benefits of drinkable peanut powder continue to drive market.

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