It’s Time to Move on from Keys and Ensure Better Security with e-Cylinder Locks!

Electronic cylinder locks or e-cylinders – the idea is no new, and has been in market for years. The reason why it’s witnessing growing popularity since the recent past, is its enhanced security features, flexibility of use, and affordable prices. E-cylinder locks capture a big market in the security world. These locks are ideal for residential doors, glass doors, utility doors, high security main gates, massive containers, padlocks, cabinets, safes, and equipment.

These locks operate on battery, and users can lock and unlock them with card, transponder key, or fob. Connected to access control systems, these locks involve the key control. You can either add keys or remove them as per the requirement. The system provides the finest quality access control that records place, time, and transaction log, and the access control continues even during power outages. Over 1000 access entries are recorded, both authorized and denied.

Why e-Cylinders Are Superior to Standard, Wired Access Control Systems?

  • Because e-cylinders don’t require wiring to power supply, their installation and repairs demand minimal labor. It’s possible to connect all cylinder locks across a single entity without any extensive wiring requirement.
  • As per the requirement, access keys, cards, or fobs can be linked together in one system or you can simply choose individual programming. These locks have a flexible design that can be readily transferred to other doors or gates, whenever needed.
  • Where conventional locking systems offer safety to people, electronic cylinder locks assure the highest level if security to people as well as private and public properties.
  • If you lose your keys, the locking system records it the list of stolen or lost keys, providing security from random, unauthorized key access.

As these locks are available in a wide range catering to varying applications, residential, commercial, government, and other sectors are increasingly relying on e-cylinder locks for security. However, market is constantly welcoming new technologies and innovative e-cylinder products, which would take security to a whole new level. With superior access control system at relatively lower costs, electronic cylinder locks make an ideal substitute to standard door cylinders.

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New Applications Are Shaping e-Cylinders Market

Around 300 e-cylinder locks have been designed and launched in market since the inception of e-cylinders concept. A large number of lock and locking systems manufacturers already have electronic cylinders in their product portfolio. R&D is supporting new product launches in the e-cylinders market with higher durability, more versatile functionality, and optimum use. Recent applications of e-cylinder locks include wall readers, new type residential locking cylinders, and locks for lockers in multiple facilities.

While residential locking cylinders simply keep getting better with time and innovation, wall readers have got an excellent application for card-less vending venues, large parking area gates, and lifts. Moreover, these locks can also be used at educational institutions, offices, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and health clubs where high security demanding lockers are used on a daily basis.

What Offers Highest Security amongst Key, Fob, and Card?

Well, undisputedly, transponder keys offer the highest security when compared to the other two. The security with keys is electronic as well as mechanical. A transponder key can operate any of the two – reader installed at the main gate or electric lock. In case of utility doors or glass doors at offices, a key can operate both, padlocks and mechanical locks. However, using only a card or fob for controlled access restricts their user-advantages.

Among some of the key players in electronic cylinder locks market, Salto, Simons Voss, and a few others provide a range of door handles operated only with fobs, and e-cylinders operated only with fobs or cards. Some key companies – Keso, Kaba, and AssaAbloy, are however enjoying great sales in electronic cylinders section, owing to their products, which operate with cards, fobs, as well as transponder keys.

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