Favourable Regulations for Growth of KSA Tire Market

The growing production of four-wheeler automobiles has fomented the reformation of road, traffic, fuel emission as well as automobile production regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2015, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) introduced new rules while amending the existing ones, which has resulted in alteration of the region’s tire market. Saudi Arabia is considered among the leading regions among the GCC countries to promote tire businesses, and records millions of sales through various distribution and retail channels, including e-commerce.

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Nonetheless, experiencing hot days and chilly nights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has effectuated in prolonging irregularities in four-wheeler tires. Incidences of accidents caused due to inflation-based tire bursts has garnered lot of harsh scrutiny on the region’s leading tire manufacturers. That’s why, any tire manufacturer or company interested in investing or setting up business in KSA is expected to assess the latest government regulations and evaluate favourable conditions for growth. Some of the important SASO regulations influencing the KSA tire market include,

  • Limiting the Rolling Resistance

The foremost technical regulation implemented by SASO is setting limits on rolling resistance quotient of every tire produced and used in Saudi Arabia. Impressive road and traffic infrastructure in KSA is proving disadvantageous, owing to the rise in accidents occurred due to tire-skidding. Saudi Arabian tire manufacturers will bind by the production regulation of bringing efficiency in rolling resistance of tires.

  • Tire Efficiency Cards

SASO clarified that the vehicle drivers in Saudi Arabia must follow existing rules of checking the tire conditions regularly. To enforce better implementation of such conventional rules, the board has introduced the use of “Tire Efficiency Cards”. Motorists must acquire these cards from manufacturers, agents and importers and keep updating them with regular tire check-ups. The manufacturers must record data and issue cards to drivers, as the board stresses on increasing energy-efficiency in Saudi Arabian vehicles.

  • Saud Arabia’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Rule

Abiding by the region’s CAFE standard will improve production of enhanced tires, and supplement the fuel economy of automobiles in manufactured and driven in KSA.

  • Rigorous Implementation

In addition to existing production regulations, the KSA tire manufacturers must incorporate the tire & spare parts regulations stringently along with other manufacturing norms such as air bags for front-seat passenger and driver, electronic stability, and smart braking system anti-lock brakes.

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