New Integrated System for Liquid Packaging Cartons

Providing the best packaging solution is a top priority for companies involved in manufacturing liquid products such as drinkable juices, organic syrups, detergent solvents, and viscous fluids. Packaging cartons used for these differ according to the type of liquid; juices, pulp and milk cartons can be built out of paperboard, while rigid polymer cartons are used for packaging mildly-corrosive detergent chemicals. The challenge is not in determining which material gets used for a particular type of liquid, but in developing an automated system that requires minimal human help for wrapping any viscous fluid. As the society shall continue bolstering the consumption of functional liquids as consumer goods, global leaders in the packaging businesses are developing newer ways to curb the drawbacks existing in liquid packaging cartons systems.

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Considering a wide range of technological advancements available for packaging industries and denoting the most practical applications out of them has shed light on few key aspects that shall reform existing industrial mechanism for liquid packaging cartons.

  • Use of eco-friendly wrappings to lower polymer usage.
  • Bringing efficiency in filling and sealing equipment for ready-made cartons.
  • Incorporating customer convenience services and augmenting products accordingly.

Rising demand for better containing solutions has influenced leading packaging companies in the world to adopt varied technologies and enhance their product range to fit the packaging requirements. Bosch Packaging Technology, a global leader in consumer goods packaging, has taken the initiative for positively altering the company’s packaging framework and provide efficient appendage to production of its carton and container packaging solutions.

Integration of Primary & Secondary Packaging Systems: Bosch

Bosch Packaging Technology, the packaging division of German conglomerate Robert Bosch GmbH, made the news for its acquisition of Kliklok-Woodman Corp. in 2015. Expanding business in North America might be the key motif of this acquisition, but the company was instead getting ready to introduce to the world its new enhanced packaging system.

The integrated system solution developed by Bosch Packaging Technology is a completed solution for wrap-around cartons. Answering to specific customer needs, the systems is designed to deliver cost-efficient wrap-around cartons for containing food and viscous liquids. Identifying the prime objective of this product, Jonathan Viens, sales & marketing manager, Bosch Packaging Technology, North America said, “It is all about customer convenience and satisfaction.”

The system integrates vertical form, fill and seal machines with secondary packaging equipment, and adheres intensive hygiene while packaging any liquid product. The design brings preciseness to filling calibrations and decreases cleaning-in-place (CIP) time caused due to brimming. As a result, the risks of product recalls are curtailed and material wastage is minimised. Certiwrap Elite, a wrap-around cartoner developed by Kliklok-Woodman, uses less paperboard material while retaining the shelf appeal of liquid packaging cartons. The carton-making process of Certiwrap Elite helps the system is providing sustainability to rigid cartons, and reducing the production cost by effectively producing about 400 cartons per minute. To sum up, the implementation of Bosch’s new integrated system enables manufacturers in providing sustainability, enduring hygiene, as well as reaping economic benefits during the production of liquid packaging cartons.


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