Fluoroscopy And C Arm therapy, risk worth taking

Opting for treatment through application of Fluoroscopy and C Arm techniques and equipment has been witnessed to be a preferred option among various other techniques available in the market. While the treatment exposes various patients to certain risk factors, however, if performed with precautions and accurate measures, such risks could be kept at bay. Kidney drainage, aneurysm repair, thoracic aortic, abdominal, cardiac surgery, percutaneous valve replacement, vascular surgery, neuro stimulation and gastroenterology are few diseases, which cannot be detected without scanning body to check internal organs. Existence of various conventional, efficient and affordable techniques are offered in the market for conducting X-Rays are increasingly adopted by various hospitals and clinics, which could hinder growth of the market. However, ever-changing technology did not spare healthcare sector as various techniques are stung with the bee of development. Owing to developing technology, conventional methods of X-Ray scans have been replaces by new technique.

Application of Devices

Institutions such as hospitals, specialty clinic, and diagnostic clinics have been witnessed to increasingly adopt techniques and equipment of Fluoroscopy C Arm. Fluoroscopy is an X-Ray design, which enables physicians to operate through guiding a needle in specific locations. Fluoroscopy and C arms have been preferred by various end-users in history. Various tools of Fluoroscopy C Arm include equipment such as Flat-Panel Systems, Hybrid ORs, and C-Arm tables. Furthermore, Fluoroscopy C Arm offers a range of products, which find application in mobile category, which includes mini C-Arms, owing to attributes such as 3D navigation aids, and image processing software that offers improved image quality and system capability. Mini C-Arms are smaller systems, which find applications in clinics for sports medicine, orthopedics and podiatric imaging.  In addition to these attribute, there are various other attributes of Fluoroscopy and C Arms, which include laser aiming guides, digital subtraction angiography (DSO), touch screens and procedure road mapping. Owing to these attributes, various physicians find its application in various road map procedures, which enables various vascular procedures to be planned accordingly with minimum media contrast and shorter fluoroscopy time period.

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Drivers and Restraints

These operations are mainly performed in order to enable patients diagnose diseases and guide physicians with help of a needle to location. Furthermore, Fluoroscopy C Arms systems offer two modes of imaging, which are sporting image and fluoroscopic imaging mode that allows generation of continuous real time image systems.

While there are many such systems that offer same technology, however, these devices exude extreme radiation, which could be harmful for patients and physicians. Attributes that enables physicians in fixing and aligning fracture bones, cardiac catheterization in order to examine heart, coronary summaries and other problems regarding gastrointestinal series to examine esophagus are significant factor expected to drive growth of the market.

A significant factor that could restrain growth of Fluoroscopy C Arms market is owing to degree of radiation patient and physician is exposed to. However, comparatively, patient is exposed to relatively less radiation as compared to other conventional techniques and devices. Innumerable cases have been reported due to excessive exposure to radiation, various patients have been victims of radiation-induces injuries in their tissues and skins, which are visible post operation is conducted. Moreover, it has been widely witnessed that various patients also become victims of radiation-induced cancer, which symptoms of which are visible in the future. However, possibility of patient being victimized of such undesirable risks are very rare. Therefore, in order to reduce risks, Fluoroscopy and C Arms therapy should mainly be conducted with relatively low exposure and for a limited period of time. Treatment is mainly performed under influence of anesthesia, which enables the physician to monitor the operation conveniently.

Moreover, this treatment is not only risky for patients who are undergoing operation, but also physicians who are participating and operating on patients, as they are equally exposed to degree of radiation. This is another factor that is expected to restraint growth of the market, as entire process of operation exposes patient and physician to various risks related to their health. Excessive exposure of radiation can harm patients to a great extent and mainly side effects of operation are prominent in the future. However, owing to option of controlling degree of exposure of radiation to patient is a significant factor, which is expected to drive growth of the market.



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