Following China, the Asia Pacific Smartphones Market Is All Set to Prosper in India and Indonesia


Did satiated smartphone markets in developed nations trigger flourishing market opportunities in developing countries? The answer is yes. While the smartphones market is nearing saturation in developed regions, including Western Europe and North America, it is gaining greater traction in emerging markets of Asia Pacific. Emergence of a wide range of lucrative smartphone options has eventually led to tremendous competition among smartphone companies and lowered prices of latest smartphone models. With more number of economically affordable smartphone devices available to consumers from developing nations, the market witnessed increased shipments within the recent past.

Within the next two years, the number of smartphone users in APAC is expected to reach 1.5 billion and nearly 35% of the total population will be smartphone users.

A growing consumer population in Asia Pacific is rapidly inclining toward technologically superior lifestyle and smartphone is one of the integral component of this trend. Although Asian continents represent highly populated regions compared to developed countries, the rate of smartphone technology penetration, and Internet adoption is relatively lower. The target consumer base for smartphone companies is thus limited. Market players are now concentrating on more effective marketing strategy and cost effective pricing.

China Remains the Key Market with a Predictable Slowdown

China, the leader of smartphone manufacturing, spearheads the Asia Pacific market, and will accommodate around 33% of the global market share by the end of this year. China will remain the hottest market in the near future, the growth will however witness a consistent decline later. Higher consumption of smartphones will persist among consumers, whereas the onset of Chinese LTE Connectivity Program may potentially pose a greater influence on the market growth. The potential slowdown of the Chinese smartphones market will further accelerate the competition in other Asia Pacific markets, including India, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Middle East.

India Represents the Most Attractive and Profitable Market

India is considered to be one of the top markets in APAC. The Indian smartphones market is projected to cross 170 million units in terms of shipment, and will probably outpace the U.S. and China in the near future. Recently, the “Make in India” initiative has been supportive to expansion of leading smartphone manufacturing plants in India. The future for smartphones market in India is bright, as the increasing number of manufacturing units will ultimately result in curbed production prices.

Indonesia Estimates over 90 Million Smartphone Users in Near Future

Best known for the social media craze, the Indonesian population is identified to have the highest potential of smartphone adoption. People from Indonesia love to stay socially connected and enhance their presence on social media networks. The market witnesses proliferating adoption of smartphones here, which will continue in the near future, making Indonesia the third largest smartphones market in the Asia Pacific region.

Mobile Shopping and Other Impactful Smartphone Trends

The mobile shopping trend has already drawn attention of consumers from developing regions, and it is anticipated to continue throughout the next decade. While convenience of on-the-go shopping is cited as the primary concern among mobile shoppers, emergence of new apps also marks an important factor fueling the market for smartphone shopping. India, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia are the major markets influenced by the mobile shopping trend, and pushing the growth of smartphones market thereby.

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Apart from this, people are increasingly embracing technologies, such as mobile payment and mobile banking through a variety of available apps. Moreover, research indicates that a majority of smartphone users prefer to replace older phone models with upgraded ones within a couple of years from purchase. To add to the list, emerging popularity of VR-enabled smartphone devices and inbuilt 4G connectivity smartphones are significantly contributing to the overall growth of smartphones market in Asia Pacific.


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