Need for Mobile Apps to Make Business Successful

In the landscape of digital world, mobile applications play an important role and are the changing face of future business. With the new trends of mobile space, we constantly get newer insights that are made every day. And with rapid increase in the smartphone users, a large no. of small as well as medium companies are keeping pace with the mobile trends to reach out their potential customers.


Nowadays, every morning, before we enjoy our cup of coffee, we usually turned to a mobile application to start our day. It can be for many reasons such as for finding our way, checking our fitness routine, or even maintaining our weekly budget and from these daily examples, one thing is crystal clear that apps have become an essential part of micro-moments. Moreover, for brands these mobile apps are also serve as a way to build good relationship with their customers. A marketing strategy of mobile applications can supplement an offline experience of a brand, help in driving e-commerce, and even in connecting brand’s loyal customers with it. Also, an effective marketing strategy of mobile applications can boost app awareness and keep their app users engaged.

Discovery of App doesn’t happen in the App Store

Assumption of marketers that customers only head towards an app store just for finding new apps is not always true because nearly 40% smartphone users only just browse for apps. Although, to discover new apps there are no. of rather than just App stores. Most of the time due to search ads, consumers not only browse to find new apps but actually download apps. As these kind of search ads not only raise the visibility of app but also drive the downloading of app by remaining there at that particular time when a user is keenly looking for apps. For marketers, this increase in app visibility helps in promoting their app and their brand reaches to more no. of audiences while looking for similar apps like ours.

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App Engagement and Re-engagement is Key

Mostly consumers browse apps for easing their everyday grind. And they use it more often if it serves a definite purpose. When we flip the other side, it has been seen that these apps can be immediately abandoned after the transaction made by the customer because most of the customers only download an app when they need to purchase something and half of them even uninstall that app which was just downloaded and move on. So, to make an app which attracts users is by proving the value and utility of app to the customers.

The reason behind this is that in the app fog, brands should provide clear value to avoid getting lost. App users always need a reason to stay or reengage with a particular app they might have abandoned and to draw back your customers, there are certain ways. Likewise one can add deep links of relevant parts of the app to their ads because it can directly bring that marathoner inside the app to that particular listings. Eventually, brands can keep their app users alive by engaging them with relevant content at the right time.

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Moreover, as there is a large list of apps in the market, it becomes more challenging to gain user attention for your app and make them stay to your app too. That’s why it is necessary to make an app that stands out in the crowd of app fog and not just inside but outside of app store too, so that more no. of users not only find it but use it again and again. These findings can help brands in developing an effective marketing strategy for mobile apps that not only bring tremendous value but also will make your business successful.


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