Therapeutic Foods Umbrella Now Recues Victims of Malnutrition

Soaring number of population has witnessed an alleviation in poverty, unemployment and significantly issues of hunger. While this showcases a worst case scenario, the uglier picture still awaits us. Innumerable developing economies recite stories of poverty-stricken learned population, who have the capabilities, but no opportunity. Tracing footprints in the past, mainly everyone has witnessed a phase of struggle, sending applications for jobs, which were reverted back for no vacancies. Unemployment is a major reason due to which poverty breeds in various developing regions, but there are many such instances where the working class is a victim of hunger due to extensive working hours. This adds to the fire of permeating malnutrition. Fortunately, government and various corporate institutions have mapped a solution for severe acute malnutrition, which could inject the victims with energy stapled with nutrition on consumption. The ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) products are mainly manufactured in order to treat and curb the surge in acute malnourished among children.


According to a report compiled by the Persistence Market Research, titled ‘Global Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food Market Estimated to be Valued at US$ 617.4 Mn by 2024; Europe to Dominate the Market Through 2024’, the consumption of powder/blends solid segments are predicted to create an incremental $ opportunity of US$ 1.5 Mn in the future representing a CAGR of 11.2%. On the same note, the biscuits/bar solid segment is estimated to create an incremental $ opportunity of US$ 7.8 Mn registering a CAGR of 8.7% in the coming decades. However, the semi-solid paste segment is anticipated to remain a dominant segment in the market in the near future, holding a revenue share of 90.7%. Furthermore, on the basis of region, Europe is projected to account for major revenue share of 62.0% of the global ready-to-use therapeutic market. Though ready-to-use milk offers customers’ convenience in consumption, the consumption of this product is anticipated to create a risk of contamination, which is a significant factor that could inhibit growth of the market and hinder demand for this particular product in the market on the long run.

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While the report disseminates the market trends, government and NGOs in various regions are striving on their level to pull majority of population out of poverty to curb higher mortality rate and increasing patients of malnutrition. Yet, they need to fret not, as ready-to-use therapeutic food and beverages have come to the rescue from the omnipresent disease of malnutrition. RUTF enable victims of malnutrition to gain weight stapled with instant energy and have been mandated by WHO and UNICEF for curbing increased rate of mortality sparked from victims of hunger.

RUTF are offered in the market in various forms such as semi-solid paste, beverages, milk products, and various others. However, increasing demand for RUTF drinks and beverages are relatively high in demand among other forms of food products. An added benefit to food products in form of solid-paste is due to convenience in storage and preservation, which is a factor estimated to fuel growth of the market in the near future and help majority below poverty line to survive from severe acute malnutrition ubiquitous in various regions. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for ready-to-drink beverages, which are pumped with innumerable ingredients of nutrition and proteins. Picked from a range of various products offered under RUTF products, demand for ready-to-use milk particularly is expected to witness an increase in demand, which is further projected to rev up growth prospects for the market in the upcoming years.

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Furthermore, various new players are predicted to venture into this market attributed to its distribution networks, easy storage and surge in population of malnutrition. Food is a basic necessity and amenity that should be availed to everyone, and incumbents of regions should ensure easy availability of healthy and hygienic food in affordable prices. If majority of population is plagued by severe acute malnutrition, it is indirectly bound to affect economy of that region. While it is easy to turn a blind eye to such issues and talking about them, however, is difficult, which signifies the importance of therapeutic foods.


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