Why Breast Implants Have Become a Fashion Statement for the Present Generation


Over the years, the technique and surgical methodology of breast implants have been vastly enhanced, making it more safe and successful. The introduction of silicon in the 1930s that was infusible in the human body paved the way for breast implantation. The following decades saw breast implant surgeries turn as a fashion statement for well know celebrities. Science the 1980s, breast implant surgeons started offering wider aesthetic shapes. From subtle to oversized implants, with the help of latest surgical technology, it was possible to attain any desirable shape and size of the breast.

In recent years, it has become more common. Artificial breast augmentation is no more concealed within the celeb circle, a lot of common individuals with desires for better-shaped breast choose to go under the knife


Types of breast Implant

There are two prominent types of breast implants namely saline breast Implant and silicone breast implant. The saline implant is the process of augmenting the breast by inserting an artificial pouch, which is steadily filled with saline water. In addition, patients who undergo removal of cancerous breast opt for such breast augmentation surgeries in order to fill in the breast cavity. The silicone implant is a popular type of breast augmentation surgery, which involves insertion of silicone based artificial gelatin inside the breast. In most occasions, breast implants surgeries are expensive, however, the desire to get the right look is driving women across the globe to shell out serious money on such surgeries.

Novelty in Breast Implant Surgery

Advancement in healthcare technology and introduction of high-end medical devices for cosmetic surgeries have changed the way we look at them now. Surgeries have become less painful and more effective with zero side effects.  Innovative apps that virtually design and generate images of breast patient post-surgery using augmented reality and further assist the user on associated treatment options. For instance, the introduction of a particular technology ‘illusion’, which is a 3D virtual mirror that renders computer-generated 3D images of the breast based on certain algorithms. The 3D image is then superimposed on the actual body of the patient in real-time, providing possible shape and look of breast post-implant.

Several other technologies are in R&D pipelines. Researchers are developing technologies that offer a free hand to the breast implant patient in the reconstruction of her breast and shall have more individual control over the augmentation process. In addition, medical firms that specialize in cosmetic surgeries are actively focusing on developing more convenient methods of surgery, which more efficient and consume lesser amount of time.

Innovation in Breast Aesthetics

Pharmaceutical companies are introducing advanced surgery kits and equipment in order to aid surgeons in better decision making. In addition, introduction of latest surgical equipment and tools have significantly reduced the complexity of such surgeries. For example, Allergan, plc recently announced that it has received U.S. FDA approval of ‘NATRELLE INSPIRA’ Cohesive breast implants.  The implant offers breast shaping combination that includes Allergan’s highly cohesive gel and a high gel fill ratio for women undergoing revision surgery, augmentation or reconstruction of breast giving a customized result.

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Demand for breast implant in expected to grow in coming years. In 2015, the global market for breast implants was valued at US$ 1042.4 Million, which is anticipated to reach US$ 1,482.1 Million by 2024 end. North America is one of the major markets for breast implants and is expected to register a healthy growth in the near future. However, the growth of the breast implants market in the MEA region will be slower compared to other major regions.

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