Prominence of Pest Control Products & Services Surges after Recording Failure of Numerous Preventive Measures

Dumping organic waste on open grounds summons small creatures existing in the vicinity and soon as they start to feed on such waste, the view of it becomes unbearable for humans. People who carelessly dumped the waste find it hard to digest the fact that it is “food” for several pests and insects. Unaccepting the reality that they themselves are the root cause of pest infestation, people from all corners of the world inherit a common practice of getting rid of these bugs; employing pest control products & services. Growing consumption of food has incidentally tripped the levels of waste food materials being dumped in the open. The urban population’s dissent for preventing the cause of pest infestation continues to bring businesses for utilities and service provides that offer pest control solutions. Yet again, consumers flag products and services constituted in such pest control solutions for being detrimental to their health and the environment.


The complexity of causes of pest infestation and the botch of preventing them continues to influence the growth of global market for pest control products & services. A forecast report developed by Persistence Market Research has predicted that by the end of 2016, the global pest control products & services market will reach market value of US$ 16.94 billion. Exploding urban population witnessed throughout the world and easier access to food sources and other edible products continues to govern the growth of the global market, according to the report. Presence of conducive living habitats and favorable weather for germination are also factoring pest infestation and driving the growth of global pest control services & products market. The report further stresses the impact of chemical toxicity of such products on the global market and how strict authoritative regulations in some regions are inhibiting the extensive use of pest control services.

Key Types of Pest Control Services

The growth of global pest control products & services market can be segmented on the basis of services such as chemical control services, synthetic control services, organic or biological control services and mechanical control services, among others.

  • Biological or organic pest control services involved managing infestation through natural parasites and predators. Treating an infested environment by introducing an organic element (living organism) that negates the effect of the pest and also assists in its termination. A common example of biological or organic pest control services includes the treatment of water bodies from mosquitoes by releasing a peculiar bacterium that kills mosquito larvae breeding in the water bodies.
  • Mechanical pest control services, on the other hand, largely depend on the products used for controlling or terminating the infestation. Hand-on techniques are implemented during employment of mechanical pest control products and services. Equipment used in these services protect a plant or an area from insects and also helps in physically removing the infestation from infected crops.

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Among other services, chemical pest control services are expected to garner the largest contribution throughout the forecast period of 2016-2026. Companies such as Massey Services, Inc., Asante Inc., Rentokil Initial Plc., Arrow Exterminators Inc., and Killgerm Ltd., among others, are some of the leading players participating in the growth of global pest control services & products market by offering effective and ideal pest control solutions.



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