Rapid Adoption of PACS Worldwide expected to Support the Growth of its Global Market

Picture archiving or communication system (PACS) is a digital data storing and imaging technology used in the medical industry. In recent past, demand for cloud-based PACS has gained traction having higher flexibility as compared to traditional systems. The cloud-based PAC systems require internet connectivity for processing and storing patient data and images. Using the internet, cloud-based PAC system stores and transfers patient information in the cloud at the very moment they are created. Moreover, such systems provide instant access to patient data anytime and anywhere. Cloud-based PACS operates on a modular design that uses house data for digital storage. Most service providers use offsite cloud location for keeping all the software and hardware.


Cloud-based PAC system applies dynamic provisioning that enables it to expand along with the organization (clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and others). Administrators, technicians, and physicians can easily access such systems using secured logging interface over the internet. Thus, enabling physicians and health officials to work from remote locations with quick and easy transferring of patient data during referrals.

The rapid adoption of healthcare IT services and increasing use of diagnostic imaging systems are expected to influence the demand for cloud-based PACS in the coming years. The use of diagnostic imaging in large integrated health institutes has grown substantially. In addition, arrival of the latest diagnostic imaging systems in the market, which are capable of producing high-definition images for archiving and storing are successfully drawing higher consumer attention. This, in turn, is expected to drive the demand for cloud-based storage space.

Small hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics are swiftly adopting to specialized PACS tools owing to the increasing usage of similar cutting-edge scanners and CT. The latest models of PACSs are designed to cater the changing requirements of healthcare facilities. Small healthcare organizations are rapidly shifting toward the use of advanced imaging and scanning systems, thus, propelling the demand for PACS from such organizations. Favorable government policies are further encouraging healthcare IT adoption. Governments in various parts of the world have realized the importance and benefits of healthcare IT. Therefore, it is anticipated that the demand for advanced healthcare technology will grow in the near future.

On the other hand, high cost of initial system setup and installation, slow rate of penetration, lack of skilled technicians to operate PAC systems and poor management are likely to inhibit the overall market growth PACS.

Utility Extension

Deployment of advanced PACS allows clinicians to capture, process, store, manage and share medical date both internally and externally. However, PACS installation entails certain prerequisites such as plug-ins and mandatory electrical support systems that ensure efficient working of a PACS. Technicians and service providers are programming PACSs with intelligent computation features enabling better client data management. Clinicians and operators can access cloud-based PACS by logging via secured online pathways.


In recent past, healthcare institutes and organizations across the globe have exhibited a strong demand for picture archiving and communication system and similar technologies. For example, the US defense medical department has recently announced to deploy cardiovascular imaging systems (CVIS) at six of its centers. California-based ScImage, Inc. has been hired for carrying the installation process.

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By 2026 end, the market for loud-based PACS is expected to cross US$ 1090 Million in value. Globally, imaging modalities are expected to witness a strong demand in the category of cloud-based PACS components. North America exhibits a substantial demand for PACS modalities and is expected to maintain a similar trend in near future. This is primarily due to a healthy presence of major PAC system developers and service providers, which is prominent factor sustaining the market for cloud-based PACS in North America both in terms of growth and revenue.


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