Demand for Dust Control Products Expected to Gain Traction in the Upcoming Years


Over the years, the use of dust prevention and suppression solutions have increased by a significant margin. Dust control products are used across various industrial domains including mining, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and petrochemical industry

Increasing incidences of breathing disorders and dust allergies are fueling the demand for advanced dust controlling products. It has been observed that densely populated cities are facing serious issues of air pollution and dust. Growing concerns over the rapid escalation of dust and pollution levels in emerging metropolitan cities of the globe such as New Delhi, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro are forcing government authorities to deploy dust and pollution management systems in these cities. Owing to which, the dust control market in Asia Pacific and Latin America is witnessing a robust growth.


In addition, dust intensity has evidently gone higher in recent time due to, increasing construction activities, rapid industrialization and the increasing number of vehicles plying on road.  Inhaling silica dust particles can lead to adverse breathing ailments. Workers in construction sites and mining industry are susceptible to inhaling silica or other harmful dust particles. Thus, managing authorities in such industries are bound to deploy dust control solutions in and around the work vicinity.

Government organizations in various countries are setting guidelines to control carbon emissions and other perilous dust particles. Excessive dust inhalation can cause severe lung disorders, moreover, dusty environment degrades the standard of living.  Thus, dust management and controlling of airborne pollutants have become a major responsibility for government authorities.

Demand for Dust Control Solutions expected to be high from the Mining Industry 

Apparently, dust particles are universal and pose miniscule risks if managed efficiently. However, dust is a severe problem in the ministry, workers in the mining industry commonly suffer from breathing or lung disorders. Hence, deployment of effective dust control solutions is has become quite necessary in mine sites. Mine managers are implementing strategies to check dust intensity in the mining sites. In addition, manufacturers of dust control products are introducing advanced solutions in order to tackle severe dust accumulation. The latest industrial dust controlling products are capable of maintaining a check on dust levels and also help prevent mechanical wear and tear. Further, manufactures are offering custom solutions depending on the requirement of the industry or a particular plant. For example, an advanced spray solution technology has been developed to bring down minute airborne dust. Spraying Systems Co Australia, a leading provider of industrial nozzle solution has established dedicated dust solution management service proving business unit “AutoJet technologies”.  The business unit provides compartment-specific dust management solutions such as conveyor dust management, stockpiles and ROM bins as well as for belt cleaning and rail cars to industries across domains.

What is New in Dust Control Products?

The latest dust control products are more effective and cost-effective. Manufacturers are launching a range of dust control products and solutions in the market, having different functionalities and can be used across several industries. For instance, the introduction of the spray cannon technology has revolutionized dust control management. The technology has been well appreciated by the customers and anticipated to the support the overall market growth of dust control products and services. Garic Ltd supplies few of the most comprehensive spray cannons dust control equipment to its clients in the UK.

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Increasing activities of mineral processing, especially in Brazil, India and China is anticipated to support the growth of dust control market in the near future. According to the latest study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global market for dust control is expected to cross US$ 17 Billion in terms of value. The dust control market in North America is expected to be in the leading position over the next eight years.


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