Global Medical Implants Sterile Packaging Market to Gain Traction Owing to Implementation of ISO 11607

Prevention of medical implants from any kind of contamination with the help of packaging is known as sterile packaging. Sterilization process involves utilization of various technologies for destroying microorganisms such as viruses, prions & other transmission agents. Owing to the implementation of ISO 11607 across medical devices and pharmaceutical industries, medical implants sterile packaging concept gained traction over the previous two decades. The global medical implants sterile packaging market is projected to witness an impressive 6.5% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 according to the report by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Key factors influencing the growth of global medical implants sterile packaging market include

  • Growth in chronic degenerative diseases
  • Regulatory compliances pertaining to medical device packaging sterilization
  • Increasing hygiene and healthcare expenditure
  • Increasing demand for sterilization in product implants such as knee implants, joint implants, breast implants, hand/foot replacement and dental implants

FlexShield to Suit Wide Range of Medical Devices & Implants Owing to its Puncture-Resistant & Abrasion-Resistant Properties

Recent expansion of FlexShield product line by UFP Technologies includes sterile barrier integrity protection of most of the medical devices. UFP, a custom-engineered components producer, serves the automotive, defense, consumer, medical, aerospace, electronics and industrial markets. FlexShield production involves use of medical-grade biocompatible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) films certified by UFP Class VI and FDA approved. FlexShield got introduced in 2013 and designed later into several packaging & component configurations catering to the requirements of global orthopedic implant & medical device companies. A wide range of medical devices & implants such as hip stems, trocars, fixation plates, surgical saw blades and surgical screws are best suited by the abrasion-resistant and puncture-resistant FlexShield.

FlexShield may be Formed According to Accommodation Requirements of Devices

Formation of FlexShield may be altered based on accommodation of devices. At present FlexShield products available in the market include tip protectors for delicate & sharp medical instruments, bags ensuring sterile barrier integrity with an extra protection layer and ergonomically designed pouches allowing easy access to medical devices by medical personnel. The material of FlexShield has been approved for skin contact and used for protection of patients from infection at the time of surgery and safeguarding sensitive medical equipment. Currently, applications of FlexShield Include

  • Surgical aids for prevention of infection
  • Sterile barrier integrity protection for medical equipment
  • Orthopedic Implant Sleeves
  • Robotic components

Barger Asked to Develop a Single Packaging System Capable of Packing Polished as well as Abrasive Components

Universal Packaging, with its award-winning recent design for total hip replacement system, is a continuing trend in the field of orthopedic implant packaging. A double sterile barrier system designed & manufactured by Barger was entitled with Gold award recently at the time of annual thermoforming parts competition of SPE (Society of Plastic Engineers). Barger was requested to develop single packaging system capable of accommodating as many various components as possible along with protection in order as one of the components was highly polished with a mirror finish and another component consisted of rough surface capable of damaging a sterile barrier. All packaging components required to be compatible with gamma and EtO (ethylene oxide) radiations.

Barger Product with Double Sterile Barrier Produced from BargerGard TPU

Barger derived a product as per the requirements which comprised of inner & outer thin-gauge PETG trays with interchangeable protective inserts produced from BargerGard TPU (theromoformed polyurethane). This guaranteed protection of both polished as well as abrasive components. There are several benefits to Barger’s product such as less capital requirement for sealing and tooling equipment, constant and impressive experience provided with every package, fewer validations, same shelf space occupied by products and a lower overall cost.

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