Global Tea Market to Gain Traction in the Near Future Owing to Health Benefits and Product Innovations

A cup of tea comes with various health benefits. Globalization has considerably set in motion in the recent past. Tea industry is likely to have impacted significantly owing to the ever-elusive globalization. Tea has even been witnessed to replace coffee as primary source of caffeine & energy for consumers. Tea consumers are a fan of its taste and quality, seeking new & unique variety in tea products. Consumers look forth for luring flavors and blends in tea products such as mint flavor, lemon flavor, chocolate flavor, fruit flavor, etc. A study by Persistence Market Research (PMR) states that more than 500 tea varieties are available worldwide. Tea lounge, in order to attract consumers, are offering broad varieties of tea along with various blends, flavors and colors leading to drive the global tea market growth in the near future.

Rising consumer awareness on health & wellness, and percolating psychological necessity of people for human interaction is providing support to tea-specific retail outlets across the globe. Hence, rising tea café & lounge culture penetration, particularly in Asia Pacific and American countries, is leaning towards the growth of global tea market. The global tea market is projected to witness 5% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 to reach a market value of US $21.33 billion by 2024 end, as per PMR’s report.

Nestle Waters’ New Line of Tea Products

Stamford-based firm, Nestle Waters, is spilling out new lines of brewed & fruit-flavored Nestea products within the United States. The revamped fruit-flavored lines comprise peach, lemon and raspberry varieties. The fruit-tinged offerings in this new real-brewed tea line prepared by hot-fill brewing include slightly sweet black tea, unsweetened black tea, slightly sweet organic green tea and rooibos (red tea). Except unsweetened black tea with zero calorie, calorie counts of new products are relatively comparable to their predecessors. Nestle Waters concentrated on Nilgiris district in southern India for production of all of its tea.

Benefits from Green Tea

Owing to its health benefits, green tea consumption has become a trend worldwide. It consists of bioactive compounds such as flavonoids and catechins (both powerful antioxidants) that aid in health improvement. EGCG or epigallocatchin-3-gallate is the most potent compound present in green tea used for treatment of various diseases. Green tea helps in improving concentration and focus as it contains caffeine. The presence of some antioxidants in green tea is observed to lower cancer risk. Green tea improves short-term memory, especially it helps in protection of brain against neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease which are most probably developed in old age. Catechins can kill bacteria and viruses lowering risk of developing infections. Drastically increasing blood’s antioxidant capability, green tea prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Green tea has been observed to reduce blood-sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity which in turn results into lower risk for type 2 diabetes.

Flexible Vegetable Fabric Derived from Tea

Pursuing help from a biologist, Suzanne Lee – a British researcher, developed a new material production method known as BioCouture that utilizes bacteria for growing a fabric. The procedure includes simple steps – brewing 30 liters of tea and adding few kilos of sugar when the brew is hot. Living organism is then poured into the mixture with acetic acid. The whole mixture is then dried carefully as most of its constituent is water and with proper thermoregulation a thick layer of fabric is formed. It is a light-weight paper-like layer and Lee calls it ‘flexible vegetable leather’. No waste residues are left post process and this fabric can be decomposed when necessary. Lee’s research gained huge traction among industries and spread inspiration.

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