Global Total Carbon Analyzers Market to Witness Higher Demand Owing to Technological Innovations and Industrialization

LAR’s QuickTOCpurity Consists of Automatic Calibration

Laboratory total carbon analyzer is employed for analysis of inorganic, organic, purgeable organic & non-purgeable organic carbon. LAR Process Analysers AG’s QuickTOCpurity is an online TOC measurement system used for determination of TC (total carbon), TOC (total organic carbon), TIC (total inorganic carbon) & DOC (dissolved organic carbon). LAR, with its patented calibration & validation technique – QuickCalibration, offers an esteemed opportunity to monitor the analyzer automatically at any time. Instead of application of liquid standards, LAR’s unique method utilizes a defined gas capable of remaining stable for a long period of time. This instrument from LAR is ideal for automatic calibration. The QuickTOCpurity works under batch mode and is capable of determining TRUE TOC within 3 minutes.

Industrialization Garnering Demand for Total Carbon Analyzers

Owing to continuous technological innovations, total carbon analyzers are currently available with advanced features. For example, pump speed up-gradation total carbon analyzers, developed for consecutive monitoring of liquid as well as solid sample, extracts optimal intermittent analysis along with purging time reduction. The world economy is transforming from agricultural-based to manufacturing-based leading to industrialization which in-turn is leading to substantial demand for analytical instruments like total carbon analyzers. The global total carbon analyzers market is projected to exhibit 7.8% and 7.3% CAGR in terms of value and volume respectively during 2016 to 2024 according to the study by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Factors trending in the global total carbon analyzers market include

  • Increasing technological innovations in total carbon analyzers
  • Total carbon analyzer’s multiple operational points
  • On-line & real-time data analysis of liquid & solid samples
  • Significant utilization of optical technique
  • Substantial demand for advanced total carbon analyzers
  • Rising demand for total carbon analyzer in the pharmaceutical sector
  • User-friendly protocols in the use of total carbon analyzer

TOC Analysis Providing Convenient Cleaning Validation Process in Pharmaceutical Industry

A quick & efficient analytical process is provided by TOC analysis in pharmaceutical industry for cleaning validation. Minimum cross contamination within products is necessary to maintain while processing of various types of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) in pharmaceutical manufacturing facility by a single piece of equipment. TOC analysis is gaining significant traction for cleaning validation in pharmaceutical industry owing to various reasons. Pharmaceutical companies are focusing on cleaning validation method development on the basis of whole-product approach for determining the presence of any residue without regard to its origin such as cleaning detergents, products, solvents, chemicals, microbial contaminants, degradants and byproducts. TOC analysis is best suited for this method, detecting any cleaning or API agent residue with carbon content in its molecular structure. While some other reasons for adoption of TOC analysis include

  • Relatively low capital investment, operational cost & maintenance cost
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal interferences
  • High recalcitrant analytes’ recovery

Leco Automatic 70-Second Carbon Analyzer Best Suited for Carbon Analysis of Soils

Leco automatic 70-second carbon analyzer has been rendered satisfactory for determining total carbon content in soils on the basis of studies on sub-surface & surface soils with 0.3% to 34% carbon content and with carbonate standards. Evaluation of Leco procedure involved high-temperature soil combustion in a purified oxygen stream using high-frequency induction furnace and measurement of evolved carbon dioxide (CO2) by thermal conductivity technique which provides automatic readout of carbon content in a sample. Post soil analysis, the Leco analyzer’s results of total carbon analysis were closely and precisely resembling to those obtained by Allison’s wet-combustion method. Utilization of Leco automatic 70-second carbon analyzer for total carbon analysis of soils makes the process rapid and convenient. A single operator easily performs over 150 analyses in one working day.

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