Global Guerbet Alcohols Market Expected to Witness Significant Growth Owing to Soaring Multifunctional Cosmetics Demand

Guerbet alcohols are highly branched alcohols first developed by Marcel Guerbet in 1890s. Guerbet alcohols possess significantly low melting points as compared to linear alcohols with same number of C (carbon) atoms. Owing to their branching Guerbet alcohols possess high molecular weight and so they exhibit characteristics such as low irritation properties, extremely low melting points, low volatility, reactive and utilized for preparation of many derivatives, superfatting agents and, good lubricants. As Guerbet alcohols are essentially saturated they register good oxidative stability at high temperatures, possess excellent color initially & at high temperatures and exhibit improved stability in unsaturated products among many applications. Owing to these properties, Guerbet alcohols gain interest as compounds & raw materials for making derivatives.

Guerbet Alcohol to Register 5.6% CAGR During 2016 to 2024

The global market is being populated by enhanced beauty & conscious customers and the beauty & cosmetics industry is experiencing a massive boom. A large number of high-end beauty products & cosmetics form part of daily lives of millions of people. The necessity and emergence of multifunctional cosmetics are rising in the global cosmetics market. The new range of multifunctional cosmetics capable of omitting and controlling some acute skin problems are increasing in demand and geared to deal with issues such as anti-aging. They possess the ability of preventing skin from UV rays, act as an excellent anti-oxidant, moisturizers and possess the capability to clean the skin. This significant rise in multifunctional cosmetics market is expected to propel the growth of global Guerbet alcohols market in the near future. The global Guerbet alcohols market is projected to witness growth at 5.6% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 and reach a market value of US $1316.7 million by 2024 end according to a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Long & Extensive Procedure of Guerbet Alcohol Manufacturing Expected to Impede its Market Growth

Guerbet alcohols are immensely prevalent within cosmetic fraternity and are safer alternatives. Guerbet alcohols’ genetic quality allows them to gain traction in the market. They act as excellent flattening & good perfuming agents as well as an able emulsion stabilizer making them an obvious choice for leading cosmetic giants across the globe. However, the production cost of Guerbet alcohols is extremely high. Going through a series of steps prior to reaching final stage, proper care & precaution are required for a suitable production of Guerbet alcohols. This long & extensive process for manufacturing Guerbet alcohols is likely to restrain the growth of global Guerbet alcohol market.

The Major Uses of Guerbet Alcohols Include

Components of cosmetics & lubricants, solvents for printing colors & inks

C-C chain length of Guerbet alcohols are utilized for production of specialty waxes & for cosmetics

2-Ethylhexanol, a derivative of Guerbet compound is used for the production of plasticizers and 2-ethylhexylate which is used in adhesives, coating materials and inks.

Guerbet chemistry provides a unique collection of starting materials for highly effective surfactants preparation & specialty materials preparation for several markets. The effect of branching on Guerbet surfactants’ performance properties is likely to result in continuous commercial development of products.

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