Demand for Dust Control Products Expected to Gain Traction in the Upcoming Years


Over the years, the use of dust prevention and suppression solutions have increased by a significant margin. Dust control products are used across various industrial domains including mining, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and petrochemical industry

Increasing incidences of breathing disorders and dust allergies are fueling the demand for advanced dust controlling products. It has been observed that densely populated cities are facing serious issues of air pollution and dust. Growing concerns over the rapid escalation of dust and pollution levels in emerging metropolitan cities of the globe such as New Delhi, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro are forcing government authorities to deploy dust and pollution management systems in these cities. Owing to which, the dust control market in Asia Pacific and Latin America is witnessing a robust growth.


In addition, dust intensity has evidently gone higher in recent time due to, increasing construction activities, rapid industrialization and the increasing number of vehicles plying on road.  Inhaling silica dust particles can lead to adverse breathing ailments. Workers in construction sites and mining industry are susceptible to inhaling silica or other harmful dust particles. Thus, managing authorities in such industries are bound to deploy dust control solutions in and around the work vicinity.

Government organizations in various countries are setting guidelines to control carbon emissions and other perilous dust particles. Excessive dust inhalation can cause severe lung disorders, moreover, dusty environment degrades the standard of living.  Thus, dust management and controlling of airborne pollutants have become a major responsibility for government authorities.

Demand for Dust Control Solutions expected to be high from the Mining Industry 

Apparently, dust particles are universal and pose miniscule risks if managed efficiently. However, dust is a severe problem in the ministry, workers in the mining industry commonly suffer from breathing or lung disorders. Hence, deployment of effective dust control solutions is has become quite necessary in mine sites. Mine managers are implementing strategies to check dust intensity in the mining sites. In addition, manufacturers of dust control products are introducing advanced solutions in order to tackle severe dust accumulation. The latest industrial dust controlling products are capable of maintaining a check on dust levels and also help prevent mechanical wear and tear. Further, manufactures are offering custom solutions depending on the requirement of the industry or a particular plant. For example, an advanced spray solution technology has been developed to bring down minute airborne dust. Spraying Systems Co Australia, a leading provider of industrial nozzle solution has established dedicated dust solution management service proving business unit “AutoJet technologies”.  The business unit provides compartment-specific dust management solutions such as conveyor dust management, stockpiles and ROM bins as well as for belt cleaning and rail cars to industries across domains.

What is New in Dust Control Products?

The latest dust control products are more effective and cost-effective. Manufacturers are launching a range of dust control products and solutions in the market, having different functionalities and can be used across several industries. For instance, the introduction of the spray cannon technology has revolutionized dust control management. The technology has been well appreciated by the customers and anticipated to the support the overall market growth of dust control products and services. Garic Ltd supplies few of the most comprehensive spray cannons dust control equipment to its clients in the UK.

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Increasing activities of mineral processing, especially in Brazil, India and China is anticipated to support the growth of dust control market in the near future. According to the latest study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global market for dust control is expected to cross US$ 17 Billion in terms of value. The dust control market in North America is expected to be in the leading position over the next eight years.


Municipal and County Authorities Demand Pumps with No Prospect of “Replacement”!

Transportation of fluids is not a cakewalk for municipal authorities and county officials as the challenges of effectively conveying potable water, wastage water or sewage continue to haunt them. Governments in every part of the world are expending surplus capital to facilitate their counties or municipalities with durable and efficient pumping systems. Adjustable pressure heads and erosion-free piping has promoted the installation of effective pumps in waste water treatment plants and potable water distribution mechanism. But, the governing authorities are in a dire need for installing pumps that decimate the emergence of a need to replace them in the future.


Changing technology is evidently improving the way people used to pump water and other liquids. Coping with a persistent transformation, nonetheless, is impractical for any authoritative establishment. Counties spend a huge amount of capital on instating an advanced set of pumps, only to know that they need to be upgraded or replaced post a few months from installation. Advanced pumping technology outdates the older ones as components and pumping mechanism does not find operational compatibility. The demand of such authorities for pumps that shall last for years and adapt to the changing requirements of thrusting liquids is justified. But, pump is essentially a mechanical device that will end up getting scarred to external abrasion or internal coercion.


When will “Replacement” of Pumps Cease to Exist?

Quite literally, never! A waste water system or a water distribution system in an area is developed on an infrastructure that attends to variable pumping demands. If authorities stop replacing pumps and drag the sluggish performance of existing ones, managing the transportation of sewage or potable water will go kaput. Replacing pumps becomes the sole solution for avoiding such risks. A defunct waste water or potable water distribution system will traumatize the residents by generating health scares. Excessive waste water accumulation leads to outbreak of pandemic diseases, while storing potable water beyond limits might lead to undue wastage through leakage. Instead of changing the whole infrastructure, county officials will find replacing the pumps far more practical.


Impact of Replacements on Global Pumps Market

Heavy rainfall and mismanagement of surface run-off water puts additional burden on urban water management systems equipped with pumps that provide limited thrust or pressure. Replacing these pumps with ones having higher compatibility to uncalled situations remains the only viable solution. Necessitation of replacing outdated or malfunctioning pumps improves the growth of global pumps market. Manufacturers & distributors of pumps continue to keep track on their existing customers for seeking their replacement demands. Fuelling the revenues in such fashion, the global market for pumps is actively benefited by replacement in one way or another. According to a report developed at Persistence Market Research, the global sales revenues originating from pump deployment will rake in US$ 34.39 billion in 2016, and will most probably end up at US$ 49.40 billion by 2024-end. According to the report, the soaring demand for centrifugal pumps shall deem it the dominant product-type in the global pumps market; accounting for nearly 90% of the market value share in the global market. With respect to region, rapid urbanization and extensive manufacturing potential is slated to boost the growth of Asia-Pacific’s pumps market, which will be valued at US$ 13.25 billion in 2016.

Find out more on the growth of global pumps market by viewing Persistence Market Research’s report, titled “Global Market Study on Pumps: Sales of Centrifugal Pumps to Remain Disproportionately High Through 2024.”












World Of Welding Offers More Than Combing And Less Than Striving

Reconstructing the world, extending subways, building bridges and contributing towards environment by manufacturing devices that enable end-users control pollution through application of various control devices. Welding technology finds unlimited application in various domains and is an imperative part of business. While there are various techniques applicable to manufacture products in safer, easier, and relatively cost-effective way, however end-users mainly prefer application of welding technology. Process of welding is conducted by various companies from industries such as fabrication, automation, transportation and other sectors. Welding technology is witnessing an increasing adoption and comprise techniques such as resistance welding, oxy-fuel welding, welding and laser welding.

Process of welding is conducted in innumerable ways, owing to nature of application in various domains. Application of welding technology, at times generate sparks during the procedure or exude excessive heat. However, the process of welding is conducted through application of various energy sources such as electric resistance, electric arcs, electron beams, gas flames, ultrasound and molten metal baths.

Application Of Equipment

Welding technology finds application in manufacturing a range of products such as space vehicles, oil drilling rigs to various kinds of automobiles and space vehicles. However, application of welding technology is not limited to combining components of metals and manufacturing products and extends to operations of various domains.

Welding group is mainly employed in various industries to manufacture a range of products from domains such as agriculture, construction and mining industry. Products from these domains mainly comprise bulldozers, cranes, food-processing machinery, material handling equipment, paper making equipment, printing equipment, textile and office machinery equipment.

Welding in fabricated metals industry include pressure vessels, heat exchanger, tanks, sheet metals, prefabricated metal buildings such as architectural and metal work. Welding equipment further find application in manufacture of other products such as shipbuilding, aircrafts, spacecraft and railroads, automobiles, trucks, buses, trailers, and other commutation facilities.

Repair And Management Team

Moreover, another major factor driving demand for welding equipment in the market is through application of welding technology by various repair teams. Welding equipment mainly finds application in operations or work related to mining activities, drilling, extracting oil, gas or mining of stones, ores, sand and gravel. Furthermore, various welding equipment finds application in operations related to primary metal industry, which include steel mills, iron and steel foundries, smelting and refining plants.

Welding equipment further finds application in manufacture of electric generator, battery chargers and various other household appliances. Moreover, apart from operations related to repairing, welding equipment also find application in maintaining products and its quality, which is could deteriorate with time. Various other operations wherein welding equipment finds application include agricultural, dealership and equipment, metal service centers and shipyards are another unit of domains where welding technology finds application.

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One does not require a training session but precaution while conducting an operation with welding equipment. Welding equipment are used by various traders, manufacturers, iron-workers, carpenters, sheet-metal makers and others. For application of welding equipment, they do not need training, but a list of precaution. Moreover, ever developing technology have enabled various manufacturers to offer advanced products, which are convenient to use such as metallic glue. While various products can be combined together through application of polymer glue, however various end-users prefer application of metallic glue by pressing lightly post application of glue. Application of welding equipment are not just bound to application of combining metals, however maintaining and repairing various products offered by various domains.

Unfamed Protective Tools From Disasters

The ever developing technology is propelling progress in various countries in terms of industrialization, and urbanization, which has led to construction of better infrastructure, mining explorations and various excavation activities. Excavation activities are mainly carried by various units or groups appointed by government and various companies, which destructs surface of the earth and result in dangerous tunnels and pits, which could lead to unprecedented incidents. Owing to factors such as disasters, infrastructure projects, mining exploration, and excavation activities, various equipment and tools related to piling sheet, anchoring equipment and trenching find application. Owing to various places prone to natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, tsunamis and others, anchoring, piling sheet, and trenching shores equipment further find application.

Application Of Tools And Equipment

Construction of pivotal structures such as bridges, roads, underground pathways and tunnels are a few factors owing to which various equipment related to piling sheet, anchoring equipment and trenching shores find application. During such constructions, if pivotal structures are not constructed properly, these structures might not be strong and could be hazardous to their lives. Therefore, application of these equipment and techniques could help keep unprecedented events at bay during such constructions or operations.

Moreover, owing to various weather conditions and natural disasters, some roads are blocked, while some face destruction, these tools play a significant role in order to make them functional. Another factor that adds to the list for applications of these tools is owing to places prone to such natural disasters, which could be dangerous for passengers and people crossing that place. At times, these tools find application in piling sheets where water bodies are expected to cross safe limits and create flood like situations. In addition, these tools find application in operations and tasks such as construction of various buildings, roads or any other infrastructure.

Types Of Tools

For various activities or operations such as earth retention and excavation support technique that enable end user to retain soil with steel sheet sections and interlocking edges, tools related to piling sheets equipment such as hydraulic piling vibrators, piling ancillaries, pile croppers, and culvert pullers find application. These piling sheets are installed in a sequential order to design depth in planned excavation perimeter or aligned along seawater.

Other types of equipment such as anchoring equipment comprise drill hollow bar anchor, strand anchor, helical anchor, threadbar anchor and various others. These equipment are categorized in various types and find application in ships and construction work owing to their attributes. While there are various techniques through which such tasks can be performed, however, anchor tools and equipment find increasing application in such tasks owing to their attributes.

For instance, Drill hollow bars anchors find application in activities that require drilling holes and pits for construction of buildings, pivotal structure, underground constructions, mining explorations or any other excavation activities. Another tool known as helical piles and anchors mainly find application in installing depth limited only by soil density for the purposes of construction and other such activities. This device is mainly one pitch of a crew head that helps in applications of digging to an extended depth. Furthermore, another factor owing to which helical piles find increasing application is owing to various kinds of spoil that needs to be drilled, which depends on hard or soft soil on the target surface to be drilled. However, owing to application of helical anchors, the hard soil is dug easily.

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Furthermore, trench shoring equipment offer another range of tools, which are finding increasing applications in various tasks owing to post construction activities, excavation activities, after-effects of natural disasters or any disaster-prone places, which could be an obstruction to other people. Trenches are mainly a long and narrow ditch, which could be the result of various activities related to construction, extractions and industrial tasks, owing to which places surrounding the operating location could be subject to dangerous obstruction for many people crossing that place. Owing to such factors, trench shoring tools and equipment find application to support trenches by application of trench boxes and other tools, which help strengthen or create strong walls around such long narrow ditches to enable easy commuting and keep any unprecedented event at bay.

Piling Machines: An Underpinning Construction Tool

In the world of construction, having the right tool is the most important thing. The growth of the construction sector in various countries in light of population growth, and infrastructure development initiatives by government and urbanization is likely to endorse the foundation activity. Growing wind farms are expected to enhance the industry growth.

Piling machines are used in several projects related to infrastructure like highways, tunnels, railways, bridges etc. is a kind of foundation tool. These machines usually drive piles into the soil for providing support to structures and buildings. As these days various techniques are winning popularity, one such technique of composite piling of cement and soil is getting recognition. Pile driver use to be one the most impressive tool used in early days.

In recent years, the piling machine with extruding arms have great loading capacity has found wider application in civil engineering construction. Though, in the development of piling machine products, analysis on soil mechanic is a key component but if there is any kind of complexity then it becomes difficult to identify the constraints in the design. In order to simulate the actual working condition of machines to be designed, automatic dynamic analysis of mechanical system can be done on the basis of virtual prototyping technology. As this process reduces the product development cycle accordingly with the results of simulation by providing suitable modifications to the virtual prototype.

Major Market Drivers and Restraints

The factors that will propel the growth of industry include growing usage of product in commercial structures, solar power plants, manufacturing facilities, power transmission plants, wind farms, drilling platforms, mining bases, and residential premises. Moreover, social infrastructure, rapid expansion in transport, government accommodation, schools, water, defense infrastructure, energy, and natural resources, and hospitals will build huge market potential.

In emerging economies like India and China rising plea for residential as well as commercial buildings with high disposable income will definitely fuel the demand for more number of piling machines. While in North America, growing activities related to tight oil exploration and non-conventional shale gas is drive the demand and market growth of piling machines. Moreover, rise in number of power generation projects through solar and wind energy will also boost the need for foundation work.

However, rising issues related to noise and air pollution during piling machine operations that results in strict regulatory policies regarding the same is restraining the market growth of piling machine.

Market Dynamics

The global market of piling machine is segmented based on the product type into hydraulic hammer, hydraulic press-in, vibratory pile driver, diesel hammer, piling rig, and vertical travel lead systems. On the basis of regions, it is segmented into Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Asia Pacific region is anticipated to the dominant the global market of piling machine and is primarily attributed to budding urbanization that results in a quick expansion of residential areas of urban as well as semi-urban sectors are driving infrastructure projects in India and China.

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 Key Players in the Market

Major players in the global market of piling machine that focus on constructing innovative economical products and energy-efficient to stay competitive and to boost sales in emerging markets are  Soilmec S.p.A, Casagrande S.p.A., Bauer Group, BSP International Foundations, International Construction Equipment, Liebherr Group, DELMAG GmbH & Co. KG, Changsha Tianwei Engineering Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Junttan Oy, and MAIT S.p.A.