With Advanced Features and Initiatives Regarding Clean Energy, the Global Bicycle Market is expected to Witness Significant Growth in the Near Future

Bicycle is seen to be an important mode of sustainable transport offering performance, price and environment benefits as compared to gasoline-based vehicles. Bicycles are eco-friendly, affordable and healthy mode of transportation. The global bicycle market is projected to reflect 3.7% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 to account for a market value of US $62.39 billion by 2024 end according to a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Factors Propelling the Growth of Global Bicycle Market Include

  • More than half of adult population were observed to suffer from obesity in 114 nations including Middle East, Europe and America, which in turn led people adopt to bicycles owing to its health benefits
  • No necessity of any source supply or external fuel to drive a bicycle
  • Preservation of natural resources and possibility of natural resources depletion
  • Customer inclination towards bicycle for travelling to short distances in order to save fuel and oil
  • Ability to avoid the massive traffic congestion and reach destination comparatively faster

“Trin Trin”- An Initiative by Mysore for Reducing and Controlling Pollution

Along with the advancements in bicycle market, many cities and nations are coming up with several initiatives regarding clean environment and conservation of fuel. One such initiative, known as “Trin Trin”, was commenced recently by Mysore, the cleanest city of India. The southern region of Mysore is introducing bicycle sharing in order to control and reduce pollution. The city corporation is set to rent bicycles to travelers and commuters for getting around in a clean and much more fun way. The city has bought around 430 bicycles and has parked them at the docking stations at prominent locations so that people could rent bicycles on an hourly basis. Users are made to register online for a smart card and preload it with money for utilizing the service on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

This initiative is for encouraging more tourists and people for adoption of bicycles owing to its properties of being cheap and environment-friendly. Mysore is already the cleanest Indian City and this initiative will help to retain its position. With an estimated price of Rs. 20.5 crore, funded by Global Environment facility Grant of World Bank, the city is set to replicate a model which has been successful among other global cities. The cycles for this initiative are being produced by Green Wheel Ride, a local vendor. The response for this initiative’s initial trials were observed to be highly positive. This is the first time such an initiative is taken, not only in India but in the whole Asia Region.

Following are Some Trends Observed in 2017 Regarding Bicycles

  • Lightweight Disc Brakes– Disc brakes in bicycles are gaining more traction than ever. Major bicycle companies are focusing on completely new designs accommodating additional braking power.
  • More Sophisticated Carbon– Bicycles nowadays are made from material with grapheme content. However, sophisticated carbon is a more suitable term addressed to graphene. Graphene helps in weight reduction and adds strength to bicycles body.
  • Soaring Bike Integration– 2017 is expected to be the time when bicycle companies would adopt to integration bandwagon. Last year, a bike used more than 30 sensors that helps in finding the best aero position for user. This bicycle was named Argon 18 Smart Bike.
  • Wider Tires and Wider Rims– Introduction to disc brakes has nullified the issues related to the clearance between wheel and frame of a bicycle. Wider tires and rims aid better grip and comfort during the ride inspiring greater confidence.
  • Costs to Leap Higher– Political events such as Brexit have effected not only Europe but also the whole world. Thus prices of most of the products are seen to gain an uptick accordingly. With the advent of advanced features in bicycles, the prices too are expected to leap higher in the near future.

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Resiliency Estimated to be a Major Concerning Factor for Global Data Centers Market

The aim of performing more with less is applicable not just to resources within data center but also in number of data centers that the enterprise includes under management. These data center distributed footprints sometimes evolved on the local level, while others witnessed regional, national and international proportions. Significant obstacles represented by data centers to higher digital agility, owing to outdated architectures and high cost, doesn’t depend upon their development process. As a result, several organizations are stepping aboard on lengthy programs associated with data center consolidation.

Consolidation of Data Centers- Resiliency to be a Major Concerning Factor

Rising software-defined data environments, virtual infrastructure and cloud services have resulted into various leading enterprises to figure out that they do not require similar network of owned-and-operated data centers which they once did. Consolidation being a worthwhile effort undoubtedly, must not take place in a vacuum. Every effort for streamlining data infrastructure must be assisted with a movement for coordinating IT activities to the enterprise’s core mission needs. A major factor concerning consolidation is resiliency. However, cloud environment architected by a property is capable of improving resiliency even though resource consumption diminishes. Various legacy data center lack accurate record-keeping and granular visibility for maintaining control over assets and data, which a decent cloud provider must offer.

The global data center market is projected to witness 11.5% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 as per a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Factors Influencing the Growth of Global Data Centers Market Include

  • Soaring digital transformation through connected technology, mobile devices and IoT (internet of things) demanding datacenter ecosystem for high speed deployment, scalability, security, flexibility & availability of data.
  • Change in focus on cloud provisioning, cloud-based deployment, cloud computing, cloud migration and automation.
  • Companies focusing on cloud’s inherent benefits such as ease of deployment, flexibility and scalability.
  • Allocation of resources by companies to hybrid, private and public cloud environments.
  • Provision of high level of automation by software defined datacenters.
  • Increasing demand from converged Infrastructure for operational efficiency, bandwidth, security and mobility.

Ascent’s Acquisition of Two Enterprise-Grade Data Centers

Ascent, a leading comprehensive data center solutions provider, recently in partnership with TowerBrook Capital Partners made an announcement about its acquisition of two enterprise-grade data centers, one each in Toronto and Greater Atlanta markets. Ascent along with the seller, a global technology company, intruded into partial leasebacks at the properties for data center space, known as AscentTOR1 and AscentATL1 Data Centers. The arrangement of sale leaseback enables customers to focus on their core business and provides them with a partner in the facility operations of their data centers. At the same time, this sale leaseback arrangement permits Ascent in introducing additional purpose-built high-quality assets to market within its soaring data center portfolio.

Facebook to Customize its Servers to Meet its Requirements

Facebook, well-known for its single-app data centers, is in the procedure of updating facilities by using self-designed server hardware for keeping up with the waterfall of new content from its 1.8 billion users every day. On the first day of Open Compute Project event, 8th March 2017, Facebook made an announcement of commencing a new server refresh project requiring it to remove all old equipment for making space for its recently unveiled design. The Open Compute Project is an organisation that shares data center product designs across companies including Facebook, Nokia, Apple, Seagate Technology, Rackspace, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Lenovo, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Dell, Ericsson, Jupiter Networks, Fidelity and Bank of America. Facebook’s refresher includes GPS servers & compute servers, all new storage chassis, latest version of Yosemite- Facebook’s multi-node compute platform. All design specifications are available on Open Compute Project Site. Owing to Facebook’s 1.8+ billion users, it has been forced to construct its own customized servers for serving its needs.

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Cell-Free Protein Expression Market to Progress Owing to Approaches & Development of Protein Production Methods

The global market for cell-free protein expression is anticipated to register 6% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 and reach a market value of US $268.4 million by 2024 end according to a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR). The future landscape of global cell-free protein expression market will be defined by novel approaches & development of cost-effective, fast and reliable methods for proteins production on an industrial scale. Factors such as increasing R&D outsourcing by biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, sales drop of patent cliff resulting into increasing research intensity in pharmaceutical sector, declining R&D productivity and increasing bio-similar development expenditure are expected to drive the global cell-free protein expression market.

Establishment of Precipitating & Soluble Membrane Fragment Methods by Study of Mammalian Membrane Protein Production

Cell-free protein expression basically is the process of recombinant proteins production in cell lysates instead of cultured cells. Cell-free protein expression methods are expected to come forth as the standard procedures for oriented membrane protein preparation- crystallography, since they tackle ceaseless problems associated with cell-based recombinant expression methods pertaining to mammalian membrane proteins preparation. As per Scientific Reports 6, Article 30442, solution to four membrane proteins’ crystal structures, from unicellular alga or bacteria, has been obtained through samples prepared by cell-free protein synthesis.

This study on mammalian membrane protein production establishes the soluble and precipitating membrane fragment methods in which synthesis of membrane proteins takes course through Escherichia coli cell-free system including small & large membrane fragments with simultaneous integration of these fragments into lipid environments. Various mammalian membrane proteins such as γ-secretase subunits, human claudins and glucosylceramide synthase can be produced by applying precipitating membrane fragment method. While, substantial membrane proteins cab be produced by applying soluble membrane fragment method. As per this study, obtaining high quality crystals of complex human claudin-4 was successful by using enterotoxin.

Profacgen’s Announcement of Advancing its Facilities & Platforms for Thorough Feasibility Analysis

Profacgen, a New York-based biotech company, recently made an announcement about its plans on advancing its platforms & facilities in order to perform a thorough feasibility analysis prior to the initiation of every protein expression project deployed by it. Profacgen significantly focuses on cell-free expression & animal-free expression. Recombinant protein expression’s key success depends upon the appropriate protein expression system choice. Several factors must be considered including intended application, target protein property, cost and protein yield while choosing the system.

A comprehensive expression systems portfolio is provided by Profacgen’s services of custom recombinant proteins. System that are often used by Profacgen’s customers include yeast expression, bacteria expression, mammalian expression and insect/baculovirus expression. World-class protein biologists of Profacgen have extensive experience in the field of protein expression. Profacgen commits to provide more customer-friendly services by advancing their technology to these services.

Invenra Raises $3 Million for Antibodies Development

WI-based Invenra’s cell-free protein expression technology allows screening of thousands of full antibodies at a much faster rate than conventional cell-based methods used for searching therapeutic antibodies. Last year, Invenra announced raising $3 million for development of antibodies with and for drug makers. Some of this money, according to Mark Kubik, Invenra’s vice president for business development, will be applied for fulfilling its agreements made with drug companies which includes U.K.-based Oxford BioTherapeutics.

Cell-free protein expression is a convenient method for small amounts of protein generation used for several applications such as protein-nucleic acid interactions, protein-protein interactions, functional assays, toxicity screening and structural analysis. Providing quick and easy access to proteins of interest, cell-free protein expression remains stapled to collection of tools available for understanding cellular pathways & mechanisms, protein structure & function elucidation and high-throughput screening of drug discovery compounds. A variety of cell-free expression systems exist with different strengths. Selection of a precise cell-free application systems depends on research goals and needs.

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Global Total Carbon Analyzers Market to Witness Higher Demand Owing to Technological Innovations and Industrialization

LAR’s QuickTOCpurity Consists of Automatic Calibration

Laboratory total carbon analyzer is employed for analysis of inorganic, organic, purgeable organic & non-purgeable organic carbon. LAR Process Analysers AG’s QuickTOCpurity is an online TOC measurement system used for determination of TC (total carbon), TOC (total organic carbon), TIC (total inorganic carbon) & DOC (dissolved organic carbon). LAR, with its patented calibration & validation technique – QuickCalibration, offers an esteemed opportunity to monitor the analyzer automatically at any time. Instead of application of liquid standards, LAR’s unique method utilizes a defined gas capable of remaining stable for a long period of time. This instrument from LAR is ideal for automatic calibration. The QuickTOCpurity works under batch mode and is capable of determining TRUE TOC within 3 minutes.

Industrialization Garnering Demand for Total Carbon Analyzers

Owing to continuous technological innovations, total carbon analyzers are currently available with advanced features. For example, pump speed up-gradation total carbon analyzers, developed for consecutive monitoring of liquid as well as solid sample, extracts optimal intermittent analysis along with purging time reduction. The world economy is transforming from agricultural-based to manufacturing-based leading to industrialization which in-turn is leading to substantial demand for analytical instruments like total carbon analyzers. The global total carbon analyzers market is projected to exhibit 7.8% and 7.3% CAGR in terms of value and volume respectively during 2016 to 2024 according to the study by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Factors trending in the global total carbon analyzers market include

  • Increasing technological innovations in total carbon analyzers
  • Total carbon analyzer’s multiple operational points
  • On-line & real-time data analysis of liquid & solid samples
  • Significant utilization of optical technique
  • Substantial demand for advanced total carbon analyzers
  • Rising demand for total carbon analyzer in the pharmaceutical sector
  • User-friendly protocols in the use of total carbon analyzer

TOC Analysis Providing Convenient Cleaning Validation Process in Pharmaceutical Industry

A quick & efficient analytical process is provided by TOC analysis in pharmaceutical industry for cleaning validation. Minimum cross contamination within products is necessary to maintain while processing of various types of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) in pharmaceutical manufacturing facility by a single piece of equipment. TOC analysis is gaining significant traction for cleaning validation in pharmaceutical industry owing to various reasons. Pharmaceutical companies are focusing on cleaning validation method development on the basis of whole-product approach for determining the presence of any residue without regard to its origin such as cleaning detergents, products, solvents, chemicals, microbial contaminants, degradants and byproducts. TOC analysis is best suited for this method, detecting any cleaning or API agent residue with carbon content in its molecular structure. While some other reasons for adoption of TOC analysis include

  • Relatively low capital investment, operational cost & maintenance cost
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal interferences
  • High recalcitrant analytes’ recovery

Leco Automatic 70-Second Carbon Analyzer Best Suited for Carbon Analysis of Soils

Leco automatic 70-second carbon analyzer has been rendered satisfactory for determining total carbon content in soils on the basis of studies on sub-surface & surface soils with 0.3% to 34% carbon content and with carbonate standards. Evaluation of Leco procedure involved high-temperature soil combustion in a purified oxygen stream using high-frequency induction furnace and measurement of evolved carbon dioxide (CO2) by thermal conductivity technique which provides automatic readout of carbon content in a sample. Post soil analysis, the Leco analyzer’s results of total carbon analysis were closely and precisely resembling to those obtained by Allison’s wet-combustion method. Utilization of Leco automatic 70-second carbon analyzer for total carbon analysis of soils makes the process rapid and convenient. A single operator easily performs over 150 analyses in one working day.

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Global Tea Market to Gain Traction in the Near Future Owing to Health Benefits and Product Innovations

A cup of tea comes with various health benefits. Globalization has considerably set in motion in the recent past. Tea industry is likely to have impacted significantly owing to the ever-elusive globalization. Tea has even been witnessed to replace coffee as primary source of caffeine & energy for consumers. Tea consumers are a fan of its taste and quality, seeking new & unique variety in tea products. Consumers look forth for luring flavors and blends in tea products such as mint flavor, lemon flavor, chocolate flavor, fruit flavor, etc. A study by Persistence Market Research (PMR) states that more than 500 tea varieties are available worldwide. Tea lounge, in order to attract consumers, are offering broad varieties of tea along with various blends, flavors and colors leading to drive the global tea market growth in the near future.

Rising consumer awareness on health & wellness, and percolating psychological necessity of people for human interaction is providing support to tea-specific retail outlets across the globe. Hence, rising tea café & lounge culture penetration, particularly in Asia Pacific and American countries, is leaning towards the growth of global tea market. The global tea market is projected to witness 5% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 to reach a market value of US $21.33 billion by 2024 end, as per PMR’s report.

Nestle Waters’ New Line of Tea Products

Stamford-based firm, Nestle Waters, is spilling out new lines of brewed & fruit-flavored Nestea products within the United States. The revamped fruit-flavored lines comprise peach, lemon and raspberry varieties. The fruit-tinged offerings in this new real-brewed tea line prepared by hot-fill brewing include slightly sweet black tea, unsweetened black tea, slightly sweet organic green tea and rooibos (red tea). Except unsweetened black tea with zero calorie, calorie counts of new products are relatively comparable to their predecessors. Nestle Waters concentrated on Nilgiris district in southern India for production of all of its tea.

Benefits from Green Tea

Owing to its health benefits, green tea consumption has become a trend worldwide. It consists of bioactive compounds such as flavonoids and catechins (both powerful antioxidants) that aid in health improvement. EGCG or epigallocatchin-3-gallate is the most potent compound present in green tea used for treatment of various diseases. Green tea helps in improving concentration and focus as it contains caffeine. The presence of some antioxidants in green tea is observed to lower cancer risk. Green tea improves short-term memory, especially it helps in protection of brain against neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease which are most probably developed in old age. Catechins can kill bacteria and viruses lowering risk of developing infections. Drastically increasing blood’s antioxidant capability, green tea prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Green tea has been observed to reduce blood-sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity which in turn results into lower risk for type 2 diabetes.

Flexible Vegetable Fabric Derived from Tea

Pursuing help from a biologist, Suzanne Lee – a British researcher, developed a new material production method known as BioCouture that utilizes bacteria for growing a fabric. The procedure includes simple steps – brewing 30 liters of tea and adding few kilos of sugar when the brew is hot. Living organism is then poured into the mixture with acetic acid. The whole mixture is then dried carefully as most of its constituent is water and with proper thermoregulation a thick layer of fabric is formed. It is a light-weight paper-like layer and Lee calls it ‘flexible vegetable leather’. No waste residues are left post process and this fabric can be decomposed when necessary. Lee’s research gained huge traction among industries and spread inspiration.

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